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On-line service creates an off-line roadmap for the Web

November 25, 1995
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If you can't wait to "hang ten" surfing the Internet, but need a little help, you might want to check out "Yahoo Unplugged".

This book is written by the creators of Yahoo, one of the most efficient and popular search engines on the World Wide Web.

The book is a primer that gets you started with basic Web facts and how-to's. It offers reviews of the over 100,000 sites in Yahoo's directory. It leads you to the best sites while off-line, so that once you plug in, you'll be cruising the Web like a pro.

Seven Wonders

Cruising through the book, we found the "Seven Wonders of the Ancient World" home page in the history section. This is a beautiful page that is full of everything you would ever want to know about the ancient marvels. From the pyramids, to the statue of Zeus at Olympia, detailed facts are here. There are also interesting links to other historical sites.


We also found a theme park on the Web in the recreation section. "Yesterland" is a loving homage to Disneyland of the past. Attractions and exhibits are chronicled from 1957 forward. Here you can find what the famed Matterhorn ride used to look like, and you can reminisce about the old ticket system, and what it meant to hold an "E" ticket. There are also links to a host of official Disney Web sites, and other home pages of Disney lore.

You could surf for days without finding the unique sites that are just a flip of a page away in Yahoo Unplugged.

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