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Netscape: Internet security flaw can be fixed.

September 19, 1995

MOUNTAIN VIEW, California (CNN) -- There's a security flaw in the most popular software for navigating the Internet, but designers say it's being fixed.

The problem in the Netscape Navigator was discovered by two first-year computer science graduate students at the University of California at Berkeley. They said a criminal could break into the software's coding system in less than a minute and gain access to credit card information. Netscape Navigator is used by an estimated 8 million people as a browser to navigate through the Internet's World Wide Web.

Netscape Communications Corp. said it expects to have the flaw fixed in new copies of the software that will be available next week. Users will be able to download the repaired version from the company's web site.

Netscape said it went to work immediately to correct the flaw after grad students Ian Goldberg, 22, and David Wagner, 21, announced their discovery on the Internet last Sunday. The company said it is not aware that any security breaches actually have occurred.

Meanwhile, IBM reportedly plans to sign a major licensing agreement with Netscape. According to the New York Times, the deal involves more than a million copies of a Netscape browser for use on the Prodigy on-line information service.

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