@cnntech Apple: Celebrities' iCloud accounts were hacked, but iCloud itself wasn't http://t.co/NZ7rGVR9R5 http://t.co/hgis640W8t

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@cnntech How to keep your naked photos out of hackers' hands http://t.co/m6FlMeZ0cs via @Jose_Pagliery http://t.co/adV9HPz6at

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@cnntech Home Depot investigating 'massive' hack http://t.co/GcMb686CW6 via @Jose_Pagliery

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@cnntech Naked celeb hack lesson: 'Delete' doesn't mean delete http://t.co/Ieorjb5gd3 via @Jose_Pagliery http://t.co/VGiz7iwXk7

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@cnntech 9 reasons you should be excited about Windows 9 http://t.co/UaqVaYmyXy via @DavidGoldmanCNN http://t.co/TrMFVn6gXd

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@cnntech Before the iWatch there was... http://t.co/CkwtrzTkga via @doug_gross http://t.co/U9OGP8YadO

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@cnntech Slow Comcast speeds were costing Netflix customers http://t.co/Bw1BXxBKXO via @DavidGoldmanCNN http://t.co/BYTlbZgKD7

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@cnntech Massive bank hack FAQ: Here's what you need to know http://t.co/eMborsf4Tt via @Jose_Pagliery http://t.co/JbbAW6VVVe

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@cnntech It's official! Apple sets event for Sept. 9 http://t.co/NvQI4burxR via @doug_gross http://t.co/USP52nZiJw

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@cnntech A smart necklace from Samsung? Really? http://t.co/z3X4X0rvrP via @LaMonicaBuzz http://t.co/KtC93zYtAJ

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The cult of Xiaomi seeks world domination CNNMoney.com

Hugo Barra walks on stage to cheers from several hundred ardent fans. The Xiaomi executive, wearing a wig and sequined silver shirt, launches into a Chinese song and dance routine. FULL STORY

Charles Riley

Filed under: Tech Biz

How celebrities' nude photos get leaked CNNMoney.com

How did private, nude photos of Jennifer Lawrence and other celebrities get leaked all over the Internet Sunday? FULL STORY

David Goldman

Filed under: Tech Biz

Is it over for Uber in Germany? CNNMoney.com

Uber is facing a ban in Germany after a court ruled that its drivers need a taxi license if they want to profit from passengers. FULL STORY

Mark Thompson

Filed under: Tech Biz

Unpakt is 'Yelp for moving companies'

Call it Yelp for moving vans. FULL STORY

Doug Gross
By Doug Gross, CNN

Filed under: Web

Friday Links CNNMoney.com

Andrew Bergmann

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Instagram gets time-lapse videos moving with Hyperlapse app

Time-lapse videos are usually a stationary affair, shot from a fixed location and angle over an extended period of time. But now, Instagram is letting iPhone users ditch the tripods and take time-lapse videos on the go with its new app, Hyperlapse. FULL STORY

By Heather Kelly, CNN

Filed under: Mobile

Struggling Angry Birds maker dumping CEO CNNMoney.com

The maker of the Angry Birds mobile video game is dumping its CEO as the company struggles with increased competition and difficulties in changing its business model. FULL STORY

Chris Isidore

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Biodesign: Why the future of our cities is soft and hairy

You get out of bed and open the curtains. FULL STORY

By Jake Wallis Simons, for CNN

Filed under: Innovation

Scientists: Solar system inside a searing gas bubble

Ever feel like you live in a bubble? FULL STORY

By Ben Brumfield, CNN

Filed under: Innovation

Elon Musk cancels launch.... admits to "dark dreams" CNNMoney.com

Elon Musk's dream to conquer space met with a major setback, when he canceled a plan to launch an Asian satellite that had been scheduled for Wednesday. FULL STORY

Patrick M. Sheridan

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Apple may unveil iWatch on September 9 -- report CNNMoney.com

Tick-tock! Clear up some space on your wrist. It might finally be iWatch time on September 9. FULL STORY

Paul R. La Monica

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HP recalls 6 million computer cords for fire risk CNNMoney.com

HP is warning customers: Check your laptop charging cord to see if it's at risk of overheating. FULL STORY

Gregory Wallace

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Bill Gates and his wife give $1 million to gun control push CNNMoney.com

Microsoft founder Bill Gates and his wife Melinda have together donated $1 million to the Washington Alliance for Gun Responsibility, a gun control advocacy group, according to its most recent financial report with Washington State. FULL STORY

Chris Isidore

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TiVo goes after cord-cutters with post-Aereo device

Did you cut your cable but miss recording your favorite shows? TiVo might have the answer. FULL STORY

Doug Gross
By Doug Gross, CNN

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Sensors let Alzheimer's patients stay at home, safely

Mary Lou doesn't know that she's being tracked. FULL STORY

By Heather Kelly, CNN

Filed under: Innovation

Imagine turning the ocean into drinking water, ending traffic jams, making policing smarter and creating buildings with zero carbon footprints. This city of tomorrow may already be here. FULL STORY

External airbags. Laser headlights. Cars that park themselves. Here are 10 innovations that are transforming the driving experience. FULL STORY

Doug Gross

Who is Slenderman?
He's the Internet's own monster, a ghoul who lurks in its darkest corners and, like the Web itself, has mutated time and again to suit the dreams and desires of his devotees. FULL STORY

Heather Kelly

Google's future phone: The modular Project Ara
Google's next futuristic hardware project is a modular smartphone dubbed Project Ara that can be customized by swapping out individual pieces, such as the battery and the camera. FULL STORY

Jarrett Bellini

Apparently This Matters: Weed Fairy leaves free pot
I never actually caught a glimpse of the Tooth Fairy when I was young, but she was definitely real and in cahoots with my mom. This, due to the fact that I never woke up to find a Nintendo. FULL STORY

Brandon Griggs

The next frontier in 3-D printing: Human organs
The emerging process of 3-D printing can reproduce the vascular systems required to make organs viable. Scientists already use the machines to print tiny strips of organ tissue. And while printing whole human organs for transplants is still years away, the technology is rapidly developing. FULL STORY

Larry Frum

Can 'Mario Kart 8' save the Wii U?
It's the gaming industry's gold standard, once named by Guinness World Records as the most influential video game in history. Now, Nintendo is turning to "Super Mario Kart" once again. FULL STORY

10 ideas to change the world

10 ideas to change the world What if the U.S. had only two time zones? Should all public transportation be automated for safety? And maybe it IS time to reinvent the wheel. Meet 10 bold ideas that could shape our future. FULL STORY

Wired | Mar 20, 2014

The Germans have figured how to 3-D print cars

The assembly line isn't going away, but 3-D printing is going to reshape how we make cars. One German automaker points the way with an beautifully crafted frame inspired by a turtle's skeleton. FULL STORY

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