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Activists plan to drop 'Interview' DVDs in North Korea CNNMoney.com

Sony pulled its controversial film "The Interview" after public threats, but one activist group hopes it can drop copies of the film into North Korea from the sky. FULL STORY

Laurie Segall

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The future of Bitcoin: live Twitter chat today

Today, Thursday December 18, we're hosting a Twitter live chat @CNNTech debating the future of Bitcoin with a panel of experts. Join us at 5pm GMT/12pm ET by tuning into the hashtag #bitcoinfuture. We look forward to seeing you there! FULL STORY

By Charlotte Lytton, for CNN

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Reddit cofounder: The next Google is one visa away from leaving U.S.  CNNMoney.com

Antiquated visa policies could be the downfall of the U.S. tech boom. That's the warning that Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian is sounding. FULL STORY

Sara Ashley O'Brien

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Movies are the least of Sony's problems CNNMoney.com

The massive hack that's humiliating Sony executives and enraging Hollywood stars has drawn plenty of attention to Sony's money-losing movie business. FULL STORY

Chris Isidore

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Space-based solar power: the energy of the future?

In space there's no atmosphere, it's never cloudy, and in geosynchronous orbits it's never night: a perfect place for a solar power station to harvest uninterrupted power 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. FULL STORY

By Peter Shadbolt, for CNN

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Judge denies request to release Steve Jobs trial video CNNMoney.com

A California judge has denied a request by media companies to release a videotaped deposition of Apple's Steve Jobs, taken six months before his death in 2011. FULL STORY

Sophia Yan

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Reddit takes down Sony hack forum CNNMoney.com

In a rare decision, Reddit has taken down a forum that housed links to hacked Sony Pictures documents. FULL STORY

David Goldman

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Russia iPhone prices have fallen 34% this year CNNMoney.com

If you want a good deal on an iPhone, get to Russia now. FULL STORY

David Goldman

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New York cinema cancels "The Interview" premiere after hackers' threat CNNMoney.com

A theater has canceled the New York premiere of "The Interview" after a group that claimed it hacked Sony Pictures posted a threat against people who go to watch the movie. FULL STORY

David Goldman

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Hacked Sony ex-employees sue for privacy violations CNNMoney.com

Two former Sony Pictures employees have sued the company for failing to protect their private information in the mega-hack. FULL STORY

Samuel Burke

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Apple wins antitrust trial CNNMoney.com

Apple won't have to pay damages in an antitrust trial involving iTunes and the iPod, a jury ruled. FULL STORY

Aaron Smith

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T-Mobile will roll over your data CNNMoney.com

T-Mobile unveiled its latest disruptive move: It's letting you roll over your unused data from one month to the next. FULL STORY

Jose Pagliery

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Solar sunflower inspired by nature could bring clean energy anywhere

Imagine a transportable solar power station that tracks the sun like a sunflower and cools itself by pumping water through its veins just like a plant. FULL STORY

By Peter Shadbolt, for CNN

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Tech Gift Guide: Phone camera lenses CNNMoney.com

The night before Christmas is approaching fast FULL STORY

Anastasia Anashkina

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Tech Gift Guide: Smart home gadgets CNNMoney.com

The night before Christmas is approaching fast FULL STORY

Anastasia Anashkina

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Engineers are working on super batteries to extend the range of electric cars by hundreds of miles. FULL STORY

Technology is advancing so quickly that it seems to provide an ingenious solution for every challenge. CNN innovation correspondent Rachel Crane takes a look at eight big ideas making life better every day. FULL STORY

Doug Gross

Who is Slenderman?
He's the Internet's own monster, a ghoul who lurks in its darkest corners and, like the Web itself, has mutated time and again to suit the dreams and desires of his devotees. FULL STORY

Heather Kelly

Sensors let Alzheimer's patients stay at home, safely
Caregivers are turning to smart-home and wearable technology to monitor family members with Alzheimer's and dementia, helping them live independently longer. FULL STORY

Jarrett Bellini

Apparently This Matters: Weed Fairy leaves free pot
I never actually caught a glimpse of the Tooth Fairy when I was young, but she was definitely real and in cahoots with my mom. This, due to the fact that I never woke up to find a Nintendo. FULL STORY

Brandon Griggs

The next frontier in 3-D printing: Human organs
The emerging process of 3-D printing can reproduce the vascular systems required to make organs viable. Scientists already use the machines to print tiny strips of organ tissue. And while printing whole human organs for transplants is still years away, the technology is rapidly developing. FULL STORY

Larry Frum

Can 'Mario Kart 8' save the Wii U?
It's the gaming industry's gold standard, once named by Guinness World Records as the most influential video game in history. Now, Nintendo is turning to "Super Mario Kart" once again. FULL STORY

10 ideas to change the world

10 ideas to change the world What if the U.S. had only two time zones? Should all public transportation be automated for safety? And maybe it IS time to reinvent the wheel. Meet 10 bold ideas that could shape our future. FULL STORY

Wired | Mar 20, 2014

The Germans have figured how to 3-D print cars

The assembly line isn't going away, but 3-D printing is going to reshape how we make cars. One German automaker points the way with an beautifully crafted frame inspired by a turtle's skeleton. FULL STORY

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