@cnntech Vast majority of iPhone 6 buyers are rich, white men http://t.co/sqIR5ELHfp via @DavidGoldmanCNN http://t.co/mMgv9k36CK

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@cnntech Hackers stole $100 million of U.S. military and Xbox tech - FBI http://t.co/41A2F3sEbx via @jtotoole http://t.co/wHd618HXTW

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@cnntech Meet Sway, Microsoft's first new Office app in a decade http://t.co/hJd2SqbqYF via @jtotoole http://t.co/eclCFV6Obe

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@cnntech Supervalu gets hacked ... again http://t.co/CaNsGyBnPL via @AaronSmithCNN http://t.co/Z4swNebxId

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@cnntech Tinder ... without the poor people http://t.co/oCvUMwKiX1 via @doug_gross http://t.co/YrWYOFmdxx

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@cnntech Here's the next version of Windows ... Windows 10 http://t.co/ZKSxWCsgVX via @jtotoole http://t.co/3s6M4XThuo

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@cnntech We're skipping Windows 9 -- Microsoft just introduced Windows 10.

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@cnntech The Internet is broken http://t.co/lCtXxYIjOY via @Jose_Pagliery http://t.co/CB0p0FmrPY

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@cnntech ISIS recruiting tactics: Apple pie and video games http://t.co/XyD9CZW25H via @LaurieSegallCNN http://t.co/u2LPe3u8ES

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@cnntech All hail @Carl_C_Icahn! EBay and PayPal are getting a divorce http://t.co/9BOuoVBPY1 via @chrisidore http://t.co/kNk2yzUxBj

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New airport scanner could make going through security a breeze

Imagine if going through airport security was just a matter of walking past a stretch of wall. No pat-downs, no X-rays, no metal detectors, and no need to remove any clothing. FULL STORY

By Jacopo Prisco and Nick Glass, CNN

Filed under: Innovation

The Internet is broken CNNMoney.com

We helplessly rely on the Internet for everything, yet it is riddled with holes and glitches. FULL STORY

Jose Pagliery

Filed under: Tech Biz

ISIS recruiting tactics: Apple pie and video games CNNMoney.com

He says his favorite dessert is hot apple pie with ice cream on top. That he maintains his beard using shampoo, scented oils, and a comb. And that the day he fell in love was the day he embraced Islam. FULL STORY

Laurie Segall

Filed under: Tech Biz

EBay spinning off PayPal as separate company CNNMoney.com

EBay is spinning off its online payment service PayPal as a separate company. FULL STORY

Chris Isidore

Filed under: Tech Biz

Supervalu gets hacked ... again CNNMoney.com

Supervalu, the grocery chain with thousands of stores, has been hit by a hacker ... again. FULL STORY

Aaron Smith

Filed under: Tech Biz

Apple iPhone 6 finally cleared for launch in China CNNMoney.com

Apple has finally been granted regulatory approval by the Chinese government to sell the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. FULL STORY

Sophia Yan

Filed under: Tech Biz

Crowdfunding propels potato salad joke into a charity concert bash

Potato salad is a cause worthy of charitable donations. FULL STORY

By Ben Brumfield, CNN

Filed under: Innovation

Does Ello have what it takes to be the anti-Facebook? CNNMoney.com

In the past week, social network Ello gained much more traction than even its seven founders anticipated. FULL STORY

Sara Ashley O'Brien

Filed under: Tech Biz

Superbooks: High-tech reading puts you inside the story

Imagine you could tell Romeo that he doesn't need to take the poison to be with Juliet, warn Streetcar's Blanche Dubois not to rely on the kindness of strangers, or suggest that Jonathan Harker take his vacation somewhere other than Transylvania. FULL STORY

By Kieron Monks, for CNN

Filed under: Innovation

How iPhone apps could impact your insurance CNNMoney.com

The life insurance industry may have a new tool to help determine rates for customers: the iPhone. FULL STORY

James O'Toole

Filed under: Tech Biz

Instagram blocked in China as protests sweep Hong Kong  CNNMoney.com

Chinese censors appear to have blocked access to Instagram after images of pro-democracy protesters in Hong Kong flooded the social media app. FULL STORY

Charles Riley

Filed under: Tech Biz

Apparently This Matters: Amputated leg lamp

It took a lot of effort for Leo Bonten to turn his amputated leg into a fully functional lamp. For starters, he had to break the damn thing in a freak kiddie pool accident. FULL STORY

By Jarrett Bellini, CNN

Filed under: Social Media

Hello Ello (Peace out, Facebook!) CNNMoney.com

Say hello to Ello, the ad-free social network capitalizing on the perception that it's the "anti-Facebook." FULL STORY

Sara Ashley O'Brien

Filed under: Tech Biz

PayPal now lets shops accept Bitcoin CNNMoney.com

PayPal, meet Bitcoin. FULL STORY

Jose Pagliery

Filed under: Tech Biz

Apple fixes software bug in iPhone 6 CNNMoney.com

Apple has released a revised version of its new iOS operating system to fix the bugs that have been plaguing some iPhone 6 users. FULL STORY

Aaron Smith

Filed under: Tech Biz

Technology is advancing so quickly that it seems to provide an ingenious solution for every challenge. CNN innovation correspondent Rachel Crane takes a look at eight big ideas making life better every day. FULL STORY

As part of our continuing focus on innovation, CNN is honoring 10 new inventions in technology and related fields. Here are gadgets or prototypes with big, game-changing goals. FULL STORY

Doug Gross

Who is Slenderman?
He's the Internet's own monster, a ghoul who lurks in its darkest corners and, like the Web itself, has mutated time and again to suit the dreams and desires of his devotees. FULL STORY

Heather Kelly

Sensors let Alzheimer's patients stay at home, safely
Caregivers are turning to smart-home and wearable technology to monitor family members with Alzheimer's and dementia, helping them live independently longer. FULL STORY

Jarrett Bellini

Apparently This Matters: Weed Fairy leaves free pot
I never actually caught a glimpse of the Tooth Fairy when I was young, but she was definitely real and in cahoots with my mom. This, due to the fact that I never woke up to find a Nintendo. FULL STORY

Brandon Griggs

The next frontier in 3-D printing: Human organs
The emerging process of 3-D printing can reproduce the vascular systems required to make organs viable. Scientists already use the machines to print tiny strips of organ tissue. And while printing whole human organs for transplants is still years away, the technology is rapidly developing. FULL STORY

Larry Frum

Can 'Mario Kart 8' save the Wii U?
It's the gaming industry's gold standard, once named by Guinness World Records as the most influential video game in history. Now, Nintendo is turning to "Super Mario Kart" once again. FULL STORY

10 ideas to change the world

10 ideas to change the world What if the U.S. had only two time zones? Should all public transportation be automated for safety? And maybe it IS time to reinvent the wheel. Meet 10 bold ideas that could shape our future. FULL STORY

Wired | Mar 20, 2014

The Germans have figured how to 3-D print cars

The assembly line isn't going away, but 3-D printing is going to reshape how we make cars. One German automaker points the way with an beautifully crafted frame inspired by a turtle's skeleton. FULL STORY

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