CNN Control Room Jargon

"What's the bird gonna cost?" How much is the satellite time going to cost?

"Faster, Prompter, faster!" The TelePrompTer operator is not keeping pace with the anchor.

"Lose the bug." Remove the CNN logo from the bottom right corner of the screen.

"That package is crashing." That story is fast approaching its deadline.

"He's a donut." Use a reporter's live remote between two stories.

"Send a crew to spray the room." Send a camera crew to shoot video without a reporter and producer.

"She's on the beeper." The reporter is broadcasting live via telephone.

"Go with rolling coverage." Continue extensive coverage of a breaking news story over a period of several hours or more.

"Feed it from the pool." Sending video to CNN from a pool camera that is shared by the competitive news and broadcast networks.

"Big box, little box." Divide the screen into a little box for a person (anchor) and a big box for live video.

"Roll the SOT." SOT stands for Sound Over Tape.

"Let's use the weather as an accordion." Use the non-scripted weather report to either shorten or lengthen the show to end exactly on time before local or commercial breaks.

"He's out shooting a standup." A standup is the reporter's on-camera appearance during a package.

"She's a live pop." A reporter is giving a live report.

"The package is a hot roll." A package broadcast live from one of CNN's bureaus.

"Feed the tape." Broadcast video from one of CNN's many video feeds.

"Roll on the feed." Record video that is coming in from one of CNN's many feeds.

"Is that tape raw or cut?" Is the tape edited or unedited?

"The bird's going down." CNN is about to lose its time on a satellite.

"Kill the package." Pull the story before it is broadcast.

"What's the slug?" What is the name of the package?

"Float that package." Postpone the broadcast of a package.