Glossary of Terms

Share The number of households watching a specific channel (CNN) divided by the total number of households watching TV.

Rating A share multiplied by the number of households with TV's.

Control Room The heart of a newsroom, where the entire broadcast is put together. It is the last point of contact before the news is broadcast to you at home.

Monitors Television sets.

CNN Air The CNN viewed on television, including the commercials.

CNN Program The CNN viewed on television, excluding the commercials.

CNN Preset The image that will air next.

Master Control Where the commercials are inserted.

Routers Monitors that show us images or text from different areas.

Feeds Distributing a local radio or television broadcast to a larger group of receivers by way of a network or satellite.

Bureaus CNN studios and offices throughout the world.

Graphics Images/pictures (i.e. maps, logos)

Fonts Text/words (i.e. anchors name or location)

Audio Any sound that is inserted into a broadcast (i.e. music, sound effects or speech from talent)

TelePrompTer System from which the anchor reads the news stories.

Producer Responsible for formatting a program, deciding which stories will go on the air, when, and how much time will be spent on each report. The producer also assigns a writer to each story.

Director Responsible for the technical production of a newscast, segment or documentary. As the only member of the technical team who has a complete set of scripts, the Director prepares the technical crew before production as well as guides them through the actual shoot or newscast. The director follows scripts and orders from the Executive Producer.

Technical Director Responsible for all the changes in video during a newscast. The Technical Director acts as the Director's right hand by keeping track of the timing of packages and other video elements.

Hard copies A sheet of paper with the script typed out- used in case the Teleprompter malfunctions.

Blue Screen Effect Technology that is frequently used by meteorologists. The effect begins with a chip inserted into a camera, which then has the capability of replacing the color blue with an image.

Analog Information or video in a tape format.

Digital Information or video in a computerized format.

Fiber Optics The technology of light transmission through very fine, flexible glass or plastic fibers.

Robotic Cameras Cameras operated by one individual with a joystick or pre-programmed commands on a keyboard.

Lavalieres A uni-directional microphone, usually worn on a tie or lapel, that picks up noise within a one-foot radius.

Affiliates TV Stations, usually smaller local stations, where we gather information for news stories.

Wire Services Network of news sources and stories that come through the Internet.

AP Associated Press- A source for news.

Reuters International news agency.

Satellite A manufactured object intended to orbit the earth transmitting radio and television signals.

Transponder Time The specific time leased from a communications company for satellite time.

Media Operations A department that assists in the overall production of news packages and stories for the CNN Networks and its affiliates.

Anchor A person who reports and coordinates a newscast, typically from a studio.

Talent Program anchors, reporters and correspondents who appear on camera.

Correspondent A person who reports news from a distant place.