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Artist moves from the canvas to the face


April 4, 1996
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From Correspondent Elsa Klensch

PARIS (CNN) -- Dany Sanz has found her vocation, and the name of her business says so. The Paris artist, sculptor and theatrical designer started Make Up Forever nine years ago.

Sanz, fascinated by color, blends it to perfection when she works on clients. She says her makeup is as inspirational as a painter's palette. (328K QuickTime movie)

"You work on a face as you do on a portrait," she says.

First, to make skin tones more uniform, she uses a sponge to blend foundation on the face, neck and shoulders, and softens it with loose powder.

Sanz says the eyebrows are most important in defining the face. She tones them, colors them with pencil, then seals them with transparent mascara.

Before working on the eyes, Sanz covers the lids with a beige foundation to make them as clean as a canvas.

Sanz calls the pink she uses to sculpt the eyes "cold, yet strong." She uses a warm orange under the eyes in keeping with her belief that not all color should be on the lids, and dabs some purple in the corners. She likes blending the colors to create shadows.

"They look more mysterious," she explains.

She heightens the effect with wine and purple eyeliner.

To make eyelashes stand out, the makeup artist uses a wide bristle brush before applying color. She uses soft orange blush for the cheeks, which she blends with the eye colors for overall effect.

"I don't differentiate eyes and cheeks," Sanz says.

Orange is used to outline the lips, which are painted in beige, brown and peach.

The effect is dramatic, futuristic makeup with lots of color.


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