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21 pounds of excess skin removed after weight lossupdated Fri Aug 01 2014 07:28:54

I am a CNN Fit Nation alumna. I completed the Nautica Malibu Triathlon in 2013 with my Fit Nation teammates. But my journey to health really started more than two years ago.

4 common beginner triathlete questionsupdated Fri Jul 25 2014 07:27:23

Tackling your first triathlon? Even the best triathletes in the world started somewhere -- and made their share of rookie mistakes.

Run4Wilbs: Inspiring a community to changeupdated Fri Jul 11 2014 07:15:17

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to be able to say, "I've run a 5K."

3 good yoga poses for runnersupdated Thu Jul 10 2014 07:33:30

If you're a runner, you've probably been told you "should do yoga."

Get off the sideline and into the raceupdated Fri Jul 04 2014 08:16:20

Only a few short months ago, I was a spectator.

Facing your fears head onupdated Fri Jun 13 2014 13:59:07

Fear is something that consumes all of us at one time or another. What matters is whether you let your fear control you or parts of your decision-making? And if so, is fear something we can improve upon?

Fit Nation triathlete down 35 poundsupdated Mon Jun 09 2014 13:11:46

The CNN Fit Nation "Sassy Six" reach their midway point for the 2014 Nautica Malibu triathlon.

I'm no longer stressing about the scaleupdated Fri May 30 2014 08:01:27

For years, I avoided scales. In fact, the only time I got on one was at a doctor's office or during a weight-loss challenge I had joined (yet again).

The extra benefits of exerciseupdated Fri May 23 2014 09:40:13

There I was, having an epiphany. I had just run close to 3 miles with my 24-year-old son, and wishing I had been in better shape to enjoy more activities with my kids when they were younger.

With health, not being perfect is OKupdated Fri May 16 2014 07:15:15

I am 52 years old.

4 training tips for new triathletesupdated Fri May 09 2014 07:12:50

It's hard to know where to begin when you start a new sport -- and in the case of triathlon, you're starting three.

Cancer survivor works out againupdated Mon May 05 2014 13:48:04

Fit Nation's Jamil Nathoo, a cancer survivor, learns exercises from sports medicine physician Jordan Metzl.

Visualizing my way to the finish lineupdated Fri May 02 2014 08:28:10

Cue the music.

Weight loss surgery isn't a golden ticketupdated Fri Apr 25 2014 07:05:43

At my heaviest, I weighed 268 pounds.

You have more to lose than poundsupdated Fri Apr 18 2014 09:17:15

One day last September, I stumbled upon an article about retired NFL linemen who were struggling with their weight. A study mentioned in the article showed the life expectancy for those former linemen was significantly shorter than their normal weight peers.

From a minute to a mile: A beginner runner's journeyupdated Fri Apr 11 2014 07:13:39

At 400 pounds I had little self-confidence. I measured my value not by my abilities but by the number of pounds on a scale.

My name is Ron, and I am a food addictupdated Fri Mar 28 2014 07:16:58

I've never understood how someone can eat just one Oreo.

Making time for your health: Plan aheadupdated Fri Mar 21 2014 09:21:55

There's not enough time.

I am too young not to runupdated Fri Mar 14 2014 07:24:32

The doctor's words -- "You won't be able to run again" -- ran through my mind, again and again.

10 simple weight loss tipsupdated Wed Mar 12 2014 11:56:50

Dawn Jackson Blatner, a registered dietitian and nutritionist for the Chicago Cubs, is trying to change the meaning of the phrase, "Treat yo'self."

Cancer robbed me of my health; now, I'm taking it backupdated Fri Mar 07 2014 07:22:30

Today is my chemo anniversary. A year ago today, I started chemotherapy.

That dying patient could have been meupdated Fri Feb 28 2014 08:12:59

There I am, a respiratory care coordinator at the hospital, taking care of a man who weighs more than 400 pounds.

Obesity rates drop for 2- to 5-year-oldsupdated Tue Feb 25 2014 12:45:17

Obesity rates in children 2 to 5 years old have decreased significantly over the past decade, according to a new study published Tuesday.

Diabetes took my teeth but not my lifeupdated Fri Feb 21 2014 07:02:51

I was diagnosed with diabetes 12 years ago.

He lost 275 pounds, reunited with loveupdated Mon Feb 17 2014 07:12:02

Every detail was planned out that afternoon.

One of the hardest things I've ever doneupdated Fri Feb 14 2014 08:12:27

I was introduced to pop -- soda for you Southerners -- at a young age.

He quit smoking, stopped drinking and dropped 200 poundsupdated Mon Feb 10 2014 07:07:13

Mario Colao jolted out of bed at 3 in the morning. He was covered in sweat, his left arm was completely numb and his heart was pounding violently.

Fit Nation team works out with Hawksupdated Fri Feb 07 2014 12:27:02

The CNN Fit Nation team gets a chance to workout with the Atlanta Hawks' basketball development team during kickoff week

Why you should celebrate small victoriesupdated Fri Feb 07 2014 07:00:39

Just what did I get myself into?

Boot camp helps her drop 145 poundsupdated Mon Feb 03 2014 07:08:15

In the end, a coupon changed Torrie Creamer's life.

How the 'Sassy Six' came to beupdated Fri Jan 31 2014 16:14:37

As I waited in the cafe at Lifetime Athletics in Atlanta, the sound of laughter filtered through the front door.

Family loses 300 pounds togetherupdated Mon Jan 27 2014 07:04:24

Gabi Rose wore maternity clothes for more than 12 years.

Fit Nation team starts journey to triupdated Sun Jan 26 2014 18:10:53

The 2014 CNN Fit Nation team kicks off their journey to train for and race in the Nautica Malibu Triathlon in September

6 people who'll inspire you this yearupdated Fri Jan 24 2014 06:34:32

Motivation is a tricky thing. We need it in every aspect of our lives: to get up in the morning and go to work, to start (and finish) that 10-page paper, to do laundry after a long day.

Heart disease didn't stop her from losing 125 poundsupdated Mon Jan 20 2014 07:17:59

Heather Kern's heart had raced ever since she was 11.

From 5XL to XL: Small-town coach makes a big changeupdated Mon Jan 13 2014 07:08:09

Luke Cox used to be an athlete. But a year ago, no one would have called him that.

Paleo diet ranks last on 'best diets' listupdated Tue Jan 07 2014 07:04:34

Followers of the Paleo Diet may go prehistoric on U.S. News & World Report this week. The publication has ranked the controversial diet last on its "Best Diets Overall" list for 2014.

Son's plea inspires woman's weight lossupdated Mon Jan 06 2014 07:13:18

With the one-track mind of a 6-year-old, Logan interrogated his mother, Jenny Spencer.

Your guide to running at any levelupdated Fri Jan 03 2014 07:06:12

Running just might be the most convenient workout going. You don't need to be a skilled athlete, and there's no fancy equipment involved; just lace up your sneaks and go.

Fit Nation athlete Rae Timme retiresupdated Mon Dec 30 2013 13:39:43

Fit Nation athlete and Colorado prison warden retires after 25 years

She lost 110 pounds to join the Armyupdated Mon Dec 16 2013 08:27:18

The phone call was short, and not at all sweet.

Paraplegic loses 275 poundsupdated Mon Dec 09 2013 07:02:23

Friends describe Mia Vayner as boisterous, outgoing and passionate. She's not afraid to tell you what she thinks and has a wicked sense of humor.

Photographer chronicles his weight lossupdated Mon Dec 02 2013 07:22:00

Matthew Mullins used to regularly show up late to yoga class on purpose.

How 'Top Chef' winner Richard Blais lost 60 poundsupdated Mon Nov 25 2013 08:21:08

"Trying to get me to cry by looking at this ugly picture? There are worse ones..."

Home workout videos help iReporter lose 200 poundsupdated Mon Nov 18 2013 08:33:19

Rebecca Privitera desperately wanted to lose the excess weight she had carried around her entire life. In 2010, she had the opportunity to do it when her employer organized a company weight loss challenge.

5 ways to lower cholesterolupdated Tue Nov 12 2013 16:02:56

Cholesterol has long been seen as a villain for heart health, but our understanding of this beast is changing. New recommendations suggest that risk factors should determine who should receive drugs called statins to lower cholesterol levels, and who should simply make lifestyle changes to combat the problem.

Father's nursing home inspires son to lose weightupdated Mon Nov 11 2013 07:02:54

Kevin Pippen left his father's nursing home knowing he had to make a change.

No magic bullet for keeping off the poundsupdated Mon Nov 04 2013 07:17:52

Stories about weight loss usually have a beginning, middle and end. How did these people gain so much weight? What made them decide to change? And how much do they weigh now?

'From Fatman to Ironman': Dad loses 135 pounds on his way to the finish lineupdated Mon Oct 28 2013 07:07:20

Dan Hyatt's wife, Shelley, had been worried for a while by the time he hit 337 pounds.

Applications open for Fit Nation 2014updated Tue Oct 22 2013 15:22:12

Dr. Sanjay Gupta announces that CNN is now accepting applications for the 2014 Fit Nation Challenge --

Teen who lost 100 pounds: I did it, and you can tooupdated Mon Oct 21 2013 07:44:51

Alan Gamez remembers the sadness he used to feel just looking in the mirror.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's tips for working out on the roadupdated Fri Oct 18 2013 12:26:39

Arnold Schwarzenegger is on the road a lot, whether he's filming a movie in Bulgaria or presenting awards to ridiculously fit people in Spain. So who better to offer tips on working out while traveling?

TV reporter: Lose weight or lose my jobupdated Mon Oct 07 2013 07:12:31

Two years ago, a single conversation changed my life: My boss told me I needed to lose weight or kiss my job goodbye.

From 224-pound 'Golden Girl' to fit fashionistaupdated Mon Sep 23 2013 07:45:45

Regina Lopez ran up the stairs near her home in Long Beach, California.

Fit Nation team crosses the finish line!updated Mon Sep 16 2013 14:00:37

The Fit Nation triathlon team successfully crosses the finish line at the Nautica Malibu Triathlon!

How 'Fat Daddy' lost 115 poundsupdated Mon Sep 16 2013 07:27:59

Dion Almaer's career revolves around experimentation. As a software engineer, he's always trying out different approaches to get the best outcomes and running tests to confirm hypotheses.

Man loses 245 pounds with the three P'supdated Mon Sep 09 2013 07:30:58

In the third grade, Marlon Gibson was so overweight his mom had to take him to the men's store to buy his Easter suit.

5 lessons we learned while training for our first triathlonupdated Fri Sep 06 2013 07:21:47

With less than 48 hours to go before our Fit Nation team tackles its first triathlon in Malibu, California, we asked them to reflect on the past nine months of training. Here are the top five lessons they learned:

11 simple weight loss tipsupdated Wed Sep 04 2013 07:11:41

Dawn Jackson Blatner, a registered dietitian and nutritionist for the Chicago Cubs, is trying to change the meaning of the phrase, "Treat yo'self."

5 things to know about your first triathlonupdated Fri Aug 30 2013 07:16:22

The only thing crazier than doing a triathlon -- an ocean swim, a cycle ride along coastal mountains and a long-distance run -- is doing it twice.

Health is about being honest with yourself updated Fri Aug 30 2013 07:11:48

When I started the Fit Nation program, I was a big guy. Seven months later, I'm still a big guy.

177 pounds lighter, yo-yo dieter reaches goal weight updated Mon Aug 26 2013 10:03:22

Kia Horton was thin as a little girl. "Like fit your fingers around (my) ankles skinny," she recalls.

Ironman champ: Getting to the finish lineupdated Fri Aug 23 2013 07:07:57

In just a few weeks, the CNN Fit Nation team will join hundreds of others at the starting line of the Nautica Malibu Triathlon. Of course, the ultimate goal is not simply to hear the sound of the starter's gun but also to cross that hallowed finish line.

From 300 pounds to 175-pound 'ninja'updated Mon Aug 19 2013 07:20:31

All that stood between Tim McCarty and the thrill-promising roller coaster was a seat belt. If he could just buckle it, he and his children would zoom to 53 miles an hour in the first three seconds.

Good health: The best birthday presentupdated Fri Aug 16 2013 11:13:40

It was the day before my 58th birthday. I had decided to end my 57th year doing something that was unthinkable when I turned 57.

Young couple does 'a million little things' to lose 220 pounds togetherupdated Mon Aug 12 2013 07:43:34

Caroline Mickey was sure of several things. She knew she was going to marry Jon Balajthy. She knew she wanted to be a nurse. And she knew she and Balajthy were seriously overweight.

Why you should only compare yourself to yourselfupdated Fri Aug 09 2013 07:48:32

In my life, I've often heard that "comparison is the thief of joy." I never really thought much about it until taking on CNN's Fit Nation challenge.

Before weight loss, 'Every beat of my heart hurt'updated Mon Aug 05 2013 07:19:09

A picture is worth a thousand words -- but for Christie Morgan, those words weren't worth remembering.

'Teddy bear' drops 300 poundsupdated Mon Jul 29 2013 07:05:39

Ryan "Mac" McDonald's friends and family describe him as a teddy bear: charismatic, gentle and unassuming.

It takes a village to train for a triathlonupdated Fri Jul 26 2013 07:11:32

Have you ever put on a full-body wetsuit? It takes some time. Lots of pulling, tugging and wriggling around to get it in the perfect position.

Software architect reprograms his diet, loses 140 poundsupdated Mon Jul 22 2013 07:03:27

Brian McLaughlin used to arrive 20 minutes early to on-site client meetings. He would drive around the parking lot to find a space close to the building, and then go inside to cool off from the short walk. The extra weight he was carrying made him sweat constantly inside his suit.

Pole-vaulting granny: It's 'never too late' updated Fri Jul 19 2013 07:29:44

Flo Meiler is 79 years old. She's a grandmother to five, great-grandmother to two. She's also a pole-vaulting, hurdle-jumping track and field star.

When finishing is no longer the goalupdated Fri Jul 19 2013 07:12:40

This month, I accomplished another "first" in my life.

Mom drops 110 pounds in 10 monthsupdated Mon Jul 15 2013 07:19:38

Colleen Whiteaker's three eldest daughters looked at her with concern.

5 things to look for in a personal trainerupdated Fri Jul 12 2013 07:01:08

When he watches personal trainers work with their clients at the gym he uses, Marqus Taylor often isn't impressed.

You're crazy! Overcoming others' negativity in trainingupdated Fri Jul 12 2013 06:57:14

"Whoa. How are you going to pull that off?"

'Food on a diet' helps couple drop poundsupdated Mon Jul 08 2013 07:18:12

Kay and Mike Alexander's journey to obesity is a familiar road for many married couples. Neither was overweight when they met on a coffee break at work. Nor were they obese when they cut their wedding cake, iced with an image of Star Trek's USS Enterprise.

Gearing up for triathlon: What every beginner needsupdated Fri Jul 05 2013 07:01:28

Triathlon has a reputation for being expensive. In fact, the perceived costs are enough to stop some prospective participants from taking up the challenge.

'Functional fitness' keeps seniors movingupdated Wed Jul 03 2013 07:06:27

John Moses plays tennis every week. He does push-ups and planks, shoulder presses and squats. He attends group fitness classes at an activity center three times a week, often taking two classes on Wednesdays and Fridays.

From funny to fit; man sheds 155 poundsupdated Mon Jul 01 2013 08:35:26

Edwin Velez used to have to suck in his stomach in order to tie his shoes. He requested tables at restaurants, rather than booths, and constantly made jokes about himself in order to hide how uncomfortable he was about his physical appearance.

Catching up with the Fit Nation teamupdated Fri Jun 28 2013 14:10:03

The CNN Fit Nation "6-pack" is keeping busy during these long summer days.

Fit Nation team keeps eyes on the prizeupdated Fri Jun 28 2013 13:24:15

Just two months away from the Nautica Malibu Triathlon, the Fit Nation team is ramping up their training!

Best friends lose nearly 300 pounds togetherupdated Mon Jun 24 2013 08:21:05

When Anne Moyer told her best friend, Diane Ritchie, she was going to lose weight a few years ago, Ritchie politely replied, "Good for you. You'll have to let me know how it works out."

Training for a tri: What I wish I'd knownupdated Fri Jun 14 2013 10:10:27

Before I applied for the CNN Fit Nation program, I thought I knew quite a bit about the sport of triathlon. I had volunteered at a few races, helping athletes navigate the courses, and I even witnessed newly crowned world champions crossing the finish line.

Facing fatherhood, he lost 140 poundsupdated Fri Jun 14 2013 07:03:32

Tyrone Garrett's father wasn't around while he was growing up. So when Garrett's girlfriend, Whitney Hammond, told him she was pregnant, he knew he had to make a change.

They lost weight -- you can, too!updated Fri Jun 07 2013 08:46:03

10 ways to act like a championupdated Fri Jun 07 2013 08:27:33

I'm often called a triathlon champion. I've won four World Ironman championships, which I suppose qualifies me for the title. But in my view, you don't actually become a champion.

'Drastically overweight' lawyer finds drastic solutionupdated Fri May 31 2013 09:15:12

Like many Americans, once I hit the big 4-0 I decided it was time to take inventory of my life.

It's more than a race to meupdated Fri May 31 2013 06:55:04

At my heaviest, I weighed 385 pounds. I never dared to dream I could run anywhere, never mind finish a half marathon.

Food was 'only relationship that mattered'updated Fri May 24 2013 09:40:03

The letter Jacki Monaco wrote was fraught with emotion:

Sometimes, you just have to lose controlupdated Fri May 24 2013 09:36:47

It's a beautiful spring morning in Florida. I'm standing next to my shiny new road bike on the side of a road, weeping.

Triathlete conquers first time in the oceanupdated Fri May 17 2013 11:10:18

When I returned home from the Fit Nation Kickoff weekend three months ago, I was tired and overwhelmed, and every muscle in my body ached.

Learning to eat again: Man drops 130 pounds after surgeryupdated Fri May 17 2013 06:57:56

Debbie Benzine lost her first husband to heart disease when he was 44. His death left her to raise a young child alone. For 16 years, she stayed single because, "going through it once was enough for me."

A workout a day may keep cancer awayupdated Thu May 16 2013 10:58:52

Less cancer treatment may be better, and being in good physical shape may help keep cancer away, according to the latest research being presented at the largest convergence of cancer experts worldwide.

Behind the scenes: Training for a triathlonupdated Fri May 10 2013 14:39:17

Our CNN Fit Nation "6-Pack" was at the National Training Center in Clermont, Florida, this week for a halfway training trip.

'I couldn't walk': Woman loses 276 poundsupdated Fri May 10 2013 07:03:02

Theresa Borawski sat down heavily on a neighbor's porch, somewhere in between her front door and her good friend's driveway. The distance between the two was less than half a mile. It might as well have been 20.

5 rules for new triathletesupdated Wed May 08 2013 11:17:20

The Fit Nation "6-Pack" is visiting the National Training Center in Clermont, Florida, this week to learn more about biking, swimming and running. Like many newcomers to the sport of triathlon, they've made some mistakes early on. This trip, halfway through the training, is about fixing those mistakes.

Training as a teamupdated Mon May 06 2013 13:05:37

iReporter shakes off 170 pounds updated Fri May 03 2013 09:44:36

Deidre Robinson's cheeks flushed as two ride attendants tried to push her safety guard into the lock position.

3 lessons from a triathlete-to-beupdated Fri May 03 2013 07:15:32

The last several months have been anything but normal. My selection to the CNN Fit Nation team has changed my health, which has always had its ups and downs.

Training dedicated to slain colleagueupdated Fri Apr 26 2013 08:03:38

During the past 57 years, I have crossed paths with some amazingly inspirational people.

Weight loss helps mom battle cancer updated Fri Apr 26 2013 04:25:18

The hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon -- and out again -- was symbolic for Melissa Schaaf. It was a sign of how far she had come, a sign that the middle-aged mom of two was active, adventurous and alive.

Family wins $10K after losing 255 poundsupdated Fri Apr 19 2013 06:58:59

The $10,000 prize caught Jordan Teuscher's attention.

Triathlete: You may lose friends when you lose weightupdated Fri Apr 12 2013 07:07:19

It's New Year's Day 2013. I can feel the wind on my face. My heart rate is steady, but I'm so full of joy and pride it may beat out of my chest.

Mom's last words inspire 85-pound lossupdated Fri Apr 12 2013 07:04:36

"Hey, Precious."

2013 6-Pack learn to eat healthyupdated Wed Apr 10 2013 13:33:52

The 2013 6-Pack are overhauling their diets. Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Ilana Katz show them how to eat better and shop wiser.

Inspiring family members to get fitupdated Wed Apr 10 2013 13:14:05

Fit Nation participant Annette Miller lost 146 pounds, and inspired her sister to try weight loss without surgery

Zumba helps woman drop 123 poundsupdated Fri Apr 05 2013 00:52:06

Ashlee Tomsche walked into the rec center with trepidation. Images of six-pack abs and neon sports bras from the Zumba infomercials she had watched flashed through her mind.

Feeling the burn with Jillian Michaelsupdated Mon Feb 18 2013 12:58:53

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta hosts tough-as-nails trainer Jillian Michaels to talk about her new book, "Slim for Life"

Fit Nation team starts fitness journeyupdated Tue Feb 05 2013 07:54:02

The Fit Nation "6-pack" team starts their journey to get fit and train for the Nautica Malibu Triathlon in September

Meet the 2013 Fit Nation Teamupdated Thu Jan 24 2013 17:09:01

Meet the six people resetting their lives, and training to race the Nautica Malibu Triathlon with Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Gupta and team finish triathlon strongupdated Mon Sep 24 2012 13:00:11

Watch Dr. Sanjay Gupta and CNN's "Lucky 7" athletes complete the Nautica Malibu Triathlon.

Semi driver truckin' toward triathlonupdated Mon Aug 20 2012 11:34:08

Fit Nation Challenge participant Glenn Keller is getting in shape for the triathlon, despite life on the road.

Medalist sends message to triathletesupdated Tue Aug 07 2012 19:52:54

Gold medalist swimmer Cullen Jones sent a message to the Fit Nation triathletes before he left for London.

Fit Nation athletes take on relaysupdated Mon Jun 25 2012 13:52:57

Fit Nation athletes Rick Morris, Carlos Solis and Denise Castelli compete in triathlon relays ahead of their big race.

FIT NATION: 'Limitless' amputee athleteupdated Mon May 21 2012 16:40:00

Dr. Gupta talks to Fit Nation Challenged athlete Denise Castelli, who does more with one leg than she ever did with two.

Fit Nation: Small steps to a big goalupdated Mon May 21 2012 16:32:27

Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks to Fit Nation athlete, Jeff Dauler, about how small steps helped him achieve big fitness goals.

Fit Nation: Tips from Ironman champupdated Mon May 21 2012 16:32:12

Dr. Gupta talks to three-time Ironman champ Chris Lieto, and Fit Nation's Carlos Solis about training as a diabetic.

Fit Nation: Dropping the poundsupdated Mon May 21 2012 16:30:28

Dr. Gupta talks to Fit Nation athlete Adrienne LaGier about what she changed in her diet that led to big weight loss.

SGMD tip: Chasing life with coffeeupdated Mon May 21 2012 16:29:58

Dr. Sanjay Gupta takes us a through a Hawaiian coffee plantation and explains how it helps ward off certain diseases.

Fit Nation: Desire fuels a life changeupdated Mon May 21 2012 16:27:37

Dr. Gupta talks to Fit Nation athletes Rick Morris and Nancy Klinger about what fuels their commitment to get healthy.

How to get your work out in on the roadupdated Fri Apr 27 2012 13:03:32

Fit Nation Athletic Director April Burkey tells you how to get creative using your hotel room to stay fit on the road

How to stay fit when away from homeupdated Tue Apr 24 2012 19:21:17

CNN Fit Nation athletic director April Burkey offers tips for staying fit when you are away from home and traveling.

Teacher talks triathlon progressupdated Mon Apr 23 2012 15:05:34

Dr. Sanjay Gupta catches up with Fit Nation participant Adrienne LaGier about her triathlon progress.

Future triathlete quits smoking on TVupdated Fri Mar 09 2012 08:31:53

Fit Nation Tri Challenge participant Rick Morris crumbles his last cigarette on national TV.

Softball champ's words of wisdomupdated Fri Feb 24 2012 14:53:56

2-time Olympic softball player Jennie Finch gives some words of wisdom to Fit Nation athlete and amputee Denise Castelli.

Celeb chef gives athletes inspirationupdated Sat Feb 18 2012 14:07:42

Celebrity chef and Type 1 diabetic Sam Talbot gives the CNN Fit Nation athletes a few words of inspiration.

Fit Nation team visits Atlanta Hawksupdated Tue Feb 14 2012 19:11:13

The Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge "Lucky 7" work out with Dr. Sanjay Gupta and Atlanta Hawks trainers.

Introducing the 'Lucky 7'updated Tue Jan 31 2012 09:58:03

Dr. Sanjay Gupta introduces the 2012 "Lucky 7": our group of viewers taking the Fit Nation triathlon challenge.

Big thanks to triathlon applicantsupdated Thu Dec 22 2011 13:43:15

Dr. Sanjay Gupta congratulates our 200 Fit Nation Challenge entrants on taking an important first step in their journey.

Dr. Gupta: Get fit, join team CNNupdated Thu Nov 17 2011 09:50:40

Dr. Sanjay Gupta wants you to get fit and join the Fit Nation triathlon challenge as he races the 2012 Malibu triathlon.

First-time triathlete on swim strokesupdated Wed Apr 20 2011 14:43:18

Joaquin Brignoni video blogs about his experiences in Hawaii training for the Nautica New York City Triathlon.

Triathlon nutrition questions answeredupdated Thu Mar 03 2011 13:11:36

Frances Largeman-Roth, RD answers questions about nutrition for CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta and his viewer triathletes.

Dr. Gupta, 3 viewers train for triathlonupdated Thu Mar 03 2011 12:28:18

Joaquin Brignoni, Nina Lovel and Kas Seerla train with Dr. Sanjay Gupta for the NYC triathlon.

Viewers train for race with Dr. Guptaupdated Thu Mar 03 2011 11:42:55

Kendrick Henley, Anastasia Cirricione and Dr. Scott Zahn are training for a triathlon with CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

2010: Armstrong's cycling tipsupdated Wed Feb 16 2011 10:54:56

Lance Armstrong gives Dr. Sanjay Gupta and the CNN Fit Nation triathlon challengers some tips for strong cycling.

CNN viewers kick off a tri challengeupdated Fri Feb 11 2011 11:26:22

Six CNN viewers kick off the 2011 Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge with a training weekend with Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

Strength training for a triathlonupdated Fri Feb 11 2011 10:51:04

The "6-Pack" do a strength training workshop during kick-off for the 2011 Fit Nation Triathlon Challenge with Dr. Gupta.

Recipe makeover: Pan-fried chickenupdated Thu Sep 09 2010 07:16:06

Cooking Light shares the secret to creating a skin-like crust on this lightened pan-fried chicken.

Positives of a plant-based dietupdated Tue Sep 07 2010 09:16:00

CNN's Elizabeth Cohen explains the benefits of eating a low-carbohydrate, plant-based diet.

Low-calorie vs. low-carb dietsupdated Tue Aug 03 2010 15:40:29

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta examines which diet is better for your health, low-calorie or low-carb.

What's new at the grocery storeupdated Mon Jul 26 2010 12:05:49

Cooking Light's Holly Grainger describes 10 foods at the grocery store that give new life to your meals and snacks.

Triathlon racers face stifling heatupdated Mon Jul 19 2010 12:16:05

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta talks about the hurdles he and his team faced during the New York Triathlon.

Gupta and team prepare for triathlonupdated Sat Jul 17 2010 15:47:04

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta and his Fit Nation Challenge team discuss their triathlon training.

Dr. Gupta tackles a triathlonupdated Fri Jul 16 2010 11:21:59

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta prepares to race the Nautica New York City Triathlon with six CNN viewers.

Trainer prepares Gupta for triathlonupdated Fri Jul 16 2010 10:45:23

CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta gives the tips he's learned while preparing for the New York City Triathlon.

Triathlon training a way of lifeupdated Thu Jul 08 2010 21:19:00

Fit Nation athlete Meredith Clark talks about triathlon training, and how its becoming a way of life.

Checking in on triathlete Linda Lewisupdated Thu Jul 01 2010 16:28:30

We check in with CNN Fit Nation triathlete Linda Fisher-Lewis just two weeks before the big race!

Swimming Cuba to Florida at age 60updated Tue Jun 29 2010 17:10:22

Marathon swimming legend Diana Nyad will attempt a 103-mile swim from Cuba to Key West. CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports.

Fit Nation's Angie talks tri trainingupdated Fri Jun 25 2010 18:54:00

Fit Nation triathlete Angie Brouhard talks about training and triumph over breast cancer.