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Fortune magazine's Shawn Tully on how investors can manage big market swings.

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Unemployment drops for recent veteransupdated Sat Sep 04 2010 21:37:01

New job numbers show a sharp decrease in unemployment among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Josh Levs reports.

Doc makes more cash selling clothes on eBayupdated Wed Oct 07 2009 16:14:06

As Dr. Jennifer Lickteig examines patients at the Linn Community Care Health Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, she's also earning money from a second career that has nothing to do with medicine.

Why I am in recession heavenupdated Tue Oct 06 2009 11:52:18

My grandmother had a saying: "People are funny when it comes to money." She could have been talking about me.

Rent or buy electronics, clothes, jets, toolsupdated Fri Oct 02 2009 09:18:09

These days you can borrow almost anything. Experts share tips on when renting might be the best deal -- and how much you can save.

Saturn's hometown stunned over brand's demiseupdated Fri Oct 02 2009 03:38:51

The town that Saturn put on the map is worried about its future and its residents hope the auto plant and jobs won't go the way of its most famous product.

Patience pays offupdated Thu Oct 01 2009 17:36:29

A Phoenix, Arizona, woman finally buys a home with help from a government program that has started slowly.

Patience needed for housing loan program, home buyer findsupdated Wed Sep 30 2009 19:39:04

In a housing market plagued by one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country, finding and buying a home would seem to be an easy hunt, especially if you're armed with federal funding assistance.

Money and Main Streetupdated Fri Sep 25 2009 19:14:20

If you are out of work, Washington had a tiny bit of good news for you this week. Congress is close to extending unemployment.

Laid off, looking for workupdated Wed Sep 23 2009 18:35:01

Two people from different backgrounds are both looking for work after being laid off. CNNMoney's Poppy Harlow reports.

Still searching for work, months after a layoffupdated Wed Sep 23 2009 17:20:59

Rachel Gold and Anthony Barberio don't have much in common.

Transcript of September 'Money Summit: Money & Main St.'updated Mon Sep 21 2009 17:50:42

Anderson Cooper, Ali Velshi and the CNN Money Team hosted a special "CNN Money Summit: Money & Main St." Thursday night, September 17. Here's a transcript of the show:

Digging out from $80,000 in debtupdated Mon Sep 21 2009 17:23:30

Two years ago, Dawn Warfield was drowning in debt.

Digging out of debtupdated Mon Sep 21 2009 16:40:41

CNN's Allan Chernoff introduces to us to a video store owner who has cut her $80,000 of credit card debt in half.

Investing in tough timesupdated Fri Sep 18 2009 11:46:12

CNN's Anderson Cooper and Ali Velshi speak with a panel of experts to ask where to put your money in a shaky economy.

Surviving a layoffupdated Fri Sep 18 2009 06:10:37

CNN's Anderson Cooper and Ali Velshi speak with a panel about ways to survive being laid off in today's economy.

Fight back against unemploymentupdated Thu Sep 17 2009 15:52:43

Anderson Cooper and Ali Velshi profile a man fighting back against unemployment, and tell us how we can do it too.

Stretching dollarsupdated Wed Sep 16 2009 21:56:48

CNN's Allan Chernoff introduces us to a family on a cost-savings campaign after the breadwinner lost her job.

Battling recession with frugality, positive attitudeupdated Wed Sep 16 2009 16:07:00

Karin Kubacki no longer buys clothing or toys for her 7-year-old son, Max.

CNN Money Summit: Meet the panelistsupdated Mon Sep 14 2009 12:59:01

Anderson Cooper, Ali Velshi and the CNN Money Team held a "CNN Money Summit: Money & Main St." on September 17 on CNN. Here are the panelists featured on the show:

Blogging begins turnaround for homeless womanupdated Fri Sep 11 2009 15:33:17

It may have a fairy tale ending -- a story of perseverance and second chances that's playing out live on the public stage of online networking.

Layoffs may become good things for young entrepreneursupdated Tue Sep 08 2009 15:37:26

Jeff Mann had already escaped one round of layoffs, just barely.

Jobless in their 30supdated Fri Sep 04 2009 22:11:10

CNN's Richard Quest introduces us to two men in their 30s who have suddenly found themselves looking for work.

Bed and breakfast successupdated Wed Sep 02 2009 15:23:54

CNN's Gerri Willis introduces us to a bed and breakfast town on the rebound, thanks to help from fellow businesses.

Small businesses benefit from working togetherupdated Wed Sep 02 2009 14:05:28

Travel to Litchfield County, Connecticut, and you'll find a community dotted with bed and breakfasts like the one Dean and Jean Marie Johnson purchased five years ago in the town of Norfolk.

Out of a job and finding work for othersupdated Wed Aug 26 2009 22:09:14

Ron Russell was a machinist at the Hav-A-Tampa cigar factory in Tampa for 3½ years.

Jobs go up in smokeupdated Wed Aug 26 2009 21:15:12

John Zarrella reports on how one employee is helping others after a century-old cigar factory closes.

For entrepreneurs, dorm is the new garageupdated Fri Aug 21 2009 09:41:20

Susie Levitt's and Katie Shea's feet had had enough. Walking around Manhattan sidewalks between classes in their high heels was getting unbearable.

Bad credit = No small biz loanupdated Thu Aug 20 2009 06:59:52

Small business owners with poor credit need not apply. CNN's Christine Romans reports on a new world of lending.

Hoping to cook up jobs with help from angels or Obamaupdated Wed Aug 19 2009 20:28:43

Want to create jobs? Restaurant owner Rob Redfearn says send some stimulus money his way and he would create 50 jobs within three months.

Hoping to find work on a summer sidewalkupdated Wed Aug 19 2009 10:39:47

At the edge of a shopping center in midtown Atlanta, Georgia, several men have turned waiting into an art. They stand idly in the hopes of getting work.

6 common shopping traps -- how to avoid themupdated Thu Aug 13 2009 09:07:42

Alas, our romance with shopping seems to be coming to an end -- or at least it's up for careful reevaluation.

Economy hits historically black colleges hardupdated Wed Aug 12 2009 13:13:05

Zakiya Williams had found a perfect fit at Spelman College. But when the tough economy hit the sophomore and her family hard, she packed her bags, ready to drop out.

Black colleges strugglingupdated Wed Aug 12 2009 11:45:19

A tough ecomony means difficult times for historically black colleges. CNN's Sandra Endo has the story.

Saved by a cakeupdated Wed Aug 05 2009 21:43:46

When she fell into foreclosure, Angela Logan turned to baking an apple cake her family had loved to save her house.

Apple cakes save home from foreclosureupdated Wed Aug 05 2009 16:17:07

Actress Angela Logan has played many roles off-stage to earn a living. She's worked as a teacher, model and hairdresser and is studying to be a nurse.

Stimulus money pays fishermen to snare lost netsupdated Mon Aug 03 2009 12:42:47

When commercial diver Kenny Woodside takes to the depths, he enters a world of murky low light and dangerous currents.

Bouncing for successupdated Sat Aug 01 2009 21:10:40

CNN's Reynolds Wolf talks with the owners of a Bounce U location who have been creative in getting customers in the door

Family makes trek to find a jobupdated Fri Jul 31 2009 07:35:19

John Spieker stood on the back porch of his newly rented Bailey, Colorado, home, thankful for his Good Samaritan landlord and worried that his previous home, parked in the driveway, wouldn't get him to work the next day.

Building their business one bounce at a timeupdated Wed Jul 29 2009 14:16:43

Scott and Julie Hamilton took their life savings and borrowed money from family and the bank to invest in their dream.

Bouncing toward successupdated Wed Jul 29 2009 14:04:04

CNN's Reynolds Wolf talks with the owners of a BounceU location who have been creative in getting customers in their doors.

'Cash for clunkers' buyers agree: Credit came at perfect timeupdated Wed Jul 29 2009 11:45:19

Andrew Sable wasn't in the market for new wheels, but he says the federal "cash for clunkers" program helped him get an offer he couldn't refuse.

Six things to do if they take the job offer backupdated Wed Jul 29 2009 09:09:59

Marleen Graham has been offered two different jobs in the past few months -- but both offers were retracted.

How to save on everyday stuff you needupdated Fri Jul 24 2009 09:19:21

Find deals on everything from garden supplies and groceries to cell phone plans and school supplies.

Brewing up businessupdated Wed Jul 22 2009 19:04:09

In Money & Main Street, Stephanie Elam introduces us to a coffee lover on a quest to open her own shop.

'Bringing the caffeine to the people'updated Wed Jul 22 2009 17:37:52

Lucy Valena is hooked on coffee.

Ad campaign wants you to think positive during recessionupdated Fri Jul 17 2009 03:39:08

Amid ominous economic forecasts and repeated bleak reports about America's financial future, messages of hope can be hard to come by.

Air Force vet turns to dogs for cashupdated Thu Jul 16 2009 09:51:11

Lori Lawrence has been laid off twice since ending her 20-year career with the U.S. Air Force in 2001. But after losing her most recent job in February, she felt liberated.

From Air Force vet to groomerupdated Wed Jul 15 2009 17:56:26

A Georgia woman hopes to cash in on Americans' love for their pets by starting a dog grooming business.

Town hits auto jackpotupdated Thu Jul 09 2009 10:16:44

Despite the recession, one rural community has hit the jackpot. CNN's Alina Cho reports.

Town hits economic jackpot to become 'Kia-ville'updated Wed Jul 08 2009 19:37:51

A community that seemed on the road to becoming a ghost town has taken a turn toward prosperity despite the recession, thanks to an automaker.

Baby food biz takes offupdated Fri Jul 03 2009 11:54:28

An entrepreneur leaves a corporate job to start an organic baby food business. Tony Harris' series: "Survival of the Fittest."

African immigrant, mom sees fruits of healthy baby foodupdated Fri Jul 03 2009 09:45:32

Agatha Achindu's life-changing career move started out simply enough -- she wanted a healthy baby.

Building better world a book at a timeupdated Wed Jul 01 2009 22:27:33

"What should I do with my used textbooks?"

Better World Booksupdated Wed Jul 01 2009 21:52:11

Stephanie Elam reports on a company aimed at making the world a better place, one book at a time.

Rethinking family finances in a recessionupdated Thu Jun 25 2009 13:40:21

Kevin and Lucy Aikman are emerging from the financial scare of their lives.

Game plan for tough timesupdated Thu Jun 25 2009 12:25:12

The Aikman family has a game plan for surviving tough times. CNN's Allan Chernoff reports.

From homeless to Harvard?updated Wed Jun 24 2009 15:44:32

Kenneth Chancey is homeless in L.A., but he's determined to get to the Ivy League. Thelma Gutierrez reports.

Student hopes to go from homeless to Harvardupdated Wed Jun 24 2009 15:29:42

Kenneth Chancey, 17, walks down the littered streets of Skid Row, one of the roughest areas of Los Angeles. Drug deals are made around him. A man screams at his girlfriend. The stench of the place is overwhelming.

New program yet to help buyers land homesupdated Tue Jun 23 2009 17:13:16

Thirty-year-old Lisa Locascio is walking through what she hopes will soon be her new living room.

New program yet to help buyers land homesupdated Tue Jun 23 2009 15:37:16

Thirty-year-old Lisa Locascio is walking through what she hopes will soon be her new living room.

Job hunting in a recessionupdated Fri Jun 19 2009 18:47:24

CNN's Anderson Cooper talks to members of the Long Island Breakfast Club about job hunting during a recession.

Transcript of June 'CNN Money Summit: Money & Main St.'updated Fri Jun 19 2009 11:54:54

Anderson Cooper, Ali Velshi and the CNN Money Team hosted a special "CNN Money Summit: Money & Main St." Thursday night, June 18. Here's a transcript of the show:

How to find a jobupdated Thu Jun 18 2009 21:50:56

Yahoo!'s Tom Musbach talks about how and where to get a job and how to spice up your resume.

Jobs: To have and have notupdated Thu Jun 18 2009 21:34:09

Anderson Cooper interviews representatives from areas where unemployment is at the nation's highest rate and the lowest.

Indiana factories sufferupdated Thu Jun 18 2009 21:09:15

CNN's Anderson Cooper interviews businessmen from Kokomo, Indiana, about difficulties facing their industry.

Got $100? Welcome to your new Detroit homeupdated Wed Jun 17 2009 14:24:57

If an e-mail popped up in your inbox promising a house for $100, you'd expect to see it sent from a guy in Nigeria asking you to wire him several thousand dollars first.

Job club fights on with laughter, songupdated Wed Jun 17 2009 12:39:20

"Are you ready? Are you ready? Let's get it on!" screams the guy at the podium. It feels like fight night, and while this isn't a boxing match, people aren't pulling punches, either.

Coffee and careersupdated Wed Jun 17 2009 03:42:43

Landing a job is the aim of the Long Island Breakfast Club but its approach is unconventional. Christine Romans reports.

Recession impacts kids' summer plansupdated Tue Jun 16 2009 09:29:26

Sheila Bernus Dowd's two children attended so many camps last summer that she used spreadsheets to keep track of their whereabouts.

Procrastination pays off for some summer travelersupdated Fri Jun 12 2009 08:41:58

Procrastination rarely looks this good.

Potty prosperityupdated Wed Jun 10 2009 13:02:43

A Florida family is working hard to ensure their portable toilet business survives the recession. John Zarrella reports.

Family fights to keep business out of the toiletupdated Wed Jun 10 2009 12:53:43

Swinging high in the air, a newly cleaned portable toilet is hoisted by crane to the nosebleed section of Orlando's new Events Center.

Recession hits Little Leagueupdated Tue Jun 09 2009 14:53:50

In Rialto, California, a poor economy has hit the local Little League hard.

League sponsors shrink from $45K to $3K, baseball plays onupdated Tue Jun 09 2009 10:48:49

The baseball diamonds and bleachers are filled with tales of moms and dads pitching in to put their kids on the field -- Foreclosureville's version of "Field of Dreams."

CNN Money Summit: Meet the panelistsupdated Fri Jun 05 2009 17:13:54

Join Anderson Cooper, Ali Velshi and the CNN Money Team for the next "CNN Money Summit: Money & Main St." on Thursday, September 17 on CNN.

Medical bills prompt more than 60 percent of U.S. bankruptciesupdated Fri Jun 05 2009 09:33:11

This year, an estimated 1.5 million Americans will declare bankruptcy. Many people may chalk up that misfortune to overspending or a lavish lifestyle, but a new study suggests that more than 60 percent of people who go bankrupt are actually capsized by medical bills.

Taco truck a Twitter hitupdated Thu Jun 04 2009 16:24:37

A Korean barbecue taco truck has thousands of loyal customers who find it on Twitter. CNN's Ted Rowlands reports

New Orleans restaurants struggle to stay afloatupdated Wed Jun 03 2009 17:47:15

Patrons at Mat and Naddie's restaurant in New Orleans may start with mouth-watering shrimp and crawfish croquettes. Or if they are feeling a tad more adventurous, they might try the artichoke, sun-dried tomato and roasted garlic cheesecake.

Culinary competitionupdated Wed Jun 03 2009 13:20:14

In New Orleans, restaurants fight the recession, counting on word of mouth and hard work. Sean Callebs reports.

Dealership has less than a week to sell all its carsupdated Wed Jun 03 2009 10:51:30

The clock is ticking for Ray O'Bryhim: he has less than a week to sell his last 40 cars.

GM-dependent Tennessee town left to uncertain fateupdated Mon Jun 01 2009 12:41:35

General Motors idled its Spring Hill, Tennessee, facility as part of its bankruptcy plan Monday, leaving hundreds of employees -- and thousands of residents who rely on the plant's economic thrust -- in limbo.

He's laid off, you're not -- so now what?updated Mon Jun 01 2009 12:17:17

The economic crisis continues unabated: the stock market is at its lowest in twelve years, unemployment is at its highest in decades, and nobody knows how bad it's going to get. Your 401K might be tanking, but canned food will always be valuable. And so will the shoulders of those you love and who love you back, even if, at this moment, some shoulders have to bear a greater weight than others.

Twitter chase to hottest dining spotsupdated Mon Jun 01 2009 09:00:40

Finding one of the newest hot spots for dining in Los Angeles may require Twittering and a GPS, because the locations of the Kogi trucks are always changing.

Foreclosure winner moves inupdated Thu May 28 2009 17:27:59

CNN's Susan Candiotti follows a foreclosure auction bidder as he and his family finally move into their new home.

Many women put pregnancy plans on hold in shaky economyupdated Thu May 28 2009 14:53:29

Diana Adam, 35, and her husband wanted to have a second child this year. The timing just seemed right. She had a job as a software engineer at a big market research company near San Francisco, California, and it had good benefits -- including paid maternity leave. He was looking for a faculty position after finishing his Ph.D. in sociology but had a steady job as a lecturer at a state university. Their first child, a boy, was three.

How economic headlines are affecting everyday Americansupdated Thu May 28 2009 12:28:52

Taylor the Tailorupdated Thu May 28 2009 05:06:20

Ryan Taylor's thriving business centers on selling clothes before he makes them. CNN's Ted Rowlands reports.

'Taylor the Tailor' helps celebs dress for successupdated Wed May 27 2009 21:04:08

As millions of people enter the job market and business owners struggle to entice consumers, Ryan Taylor may be better positioned than most to weather the economic crisis.

Homes and the stimulusupdated Tue May 26 2009 13:07:06

iReporter Zennie Abraham comments about housing and the stimulus package on CNN's Money & Main St.

20-year-old water CEOupdated Mon May 25 2009 22:07:51

Ben Lewis' company "Give" Water donates a dime to charity for every bottle he sells.

Family's foreclosure auction 'bargain' pays offupdated Mon May 25 2009 04:13:23

For Victor Guevares, winning a bid at a raucous foreclosure auction two months ago was just the first step toward achieving his dream of home ownership. And after getting through several obstacles along the way, he finally moved his family into the two-story, three-bedroom house in Queens.

Fashion students face tough timesupdated Fri May 22 2009 19:03:05

What does it really take to dress someone as fashion-forward and in the spotlight as Michelle Obama?

Cupcake truck hits New Yorkupdated Fri May 22 2009 13:47:44

New York is about to get a new street vendor with a sweet twist. Watch out, Mister Softee; the new kid on the block is a dessert truck calling itself "New York's first mobile cupcake shoppe."

Paying it offupdated Thu May 21 2009 15:06:00

Maria Calderon owed $21,000 on nine credit cards with interest rates as high as 29.99 percent. John Zarrella reports.

Dealership closing 101: What you need to knowupdated Wed May 20 2009 16:35:48

Chrysler and General Motors announced this week that they would shrink their dealer base in the U.S.

Paying off debt without going brokeupdated Wed May 20 2009 14:38:03

Last summer, Maria Calderon was so overwhelmed by credit card debt, she couldn't sleep. She owed $21,000 on nine cards with interest rates as high as 29.99 percent.

Town refuses stimulus moneyupdated Fri May 15 2009 15:02:02

Residents of North Platte, Nebraska, explain why they refused stimulus money during CNN's Money & Main St.

Transcript of May 'CNN Money Summit: Money & Main St.'updated Fri May 15 2009 14:03:06

Anderson Cooper, Ali Velshi and the CNN Money Team hosted a special "CNN Money Summit: Money & Main St." Thursday night, May 14. Here's a transcript of the show:

Fixing the housing marketupdated Thu May 14 2009 22:21:52

CNN contributors debate whether the housing market is a benefit or burden during CNN's Money and Main St.

Video highlights of CNN Money Summit: Money & Main St.updated Thu May 14 2009 21:55:14

Housing bubble: Good and badupdated Thu May 14 2009 21:53:40

California homeowners talk about being hurt and helped by the housing bubble during CNN's Money & Main St.

Retraining during a recessionupdated Thu May 14 2009 21:49:05

Some residents of a North Carolina town say they are being forced to retrain for new job fields during CNN's Money and Main St.

Where are the jobs?updated Thu May 14 2009 21:33:34

CNN contributors talk about areas where jobs are growing and how to find them during CNN's Money & Main St.

Upscale New Jersey city copingupdated Thu May 14 2009 21:28:15

Residents in Summit, New Jersey, talk about how they are dealing with the recession during CNN's Money and Main St.

Flood leaves boulevard of broken dreamsupdated Wed May 13 2009 17:40:57

Doug Ward drives through a subdivision made up of rows of trailers. You can hear the sadness in his voice as he says, "This just doesn't feel like home." He longs for the life he lived before devastating floods destroyed his Cedar Rapids neighborhood.

Nostalgia grips flood victimsupdated Wed May 13 2009 12:04:02

CNN's Ed Lavandera reports on how hard economic times are making it even more difficult for flood victims in Iowa.

Pasta lady rides out recessionupdated Fri May 08 2009 14:05:09

Getting creative in this economy, one woman puts pasta on wheels. CNN's Brooke Baldwin reports.

'I do' for lessupdated Wed May 06 2009 16:25:52

CNN's Randi Kaye looks at how couples are cutting back on the cost of weddings in this economy.

Farmers suffer in recessionupdated Wed May 06 2009 14:40:17

Dry weather, high costs of farming and an anemic market for wheat. It's tough being a farmer. Sean Callebs reports.

Weather adds to farmers' financial uncertaintyupdated Wed May 06 2009 14:39:17

Rob Sellard's young wheat field is a stark reminder that no matter how bad the economy, farmers are always at nature's mercy.

Walking away from credit cardsupdated Wed May 06 2009 07:56:19

Credit cards are as much a part of the American economy as $20 bills, but a fervent subset of consumers has sworn off plastic money altogether.

Family fights massive layoffsupdated Wed Apr 29 2009 18:19:19

The Murdock family is struggling to survive in a tiny town that has lost 2,000 jobs. CNN's Gerri Willis reports

Mountain town struggles after devastating layoffsupdated Wed Apr 29 2009 13:57:01

Like most parents, Vickie and Keith Murdock worry about providing for their family. With three teenage daughters, that can be a big challenge, but these days it's more difficult than ever.

Free clinic's business booms in bad economyupdated Fri Apr 24 2009 09:35:13

Sherry Pierce, who works at a fast food restaurant that doesn't offer health insurance, needs a dentist to look at three broken teeth that may be abscessed.

Restaurateur branching outupdated Thu Apr 23 2009 21:51:33

A Chicago restaurant owner is expanding despite a struggling economy. CNN's Ali Velshi reports.

Priest fights foreclosuresupdated Thu Apr 23 2009 11:38:01

A California priest uses the power of the pulpit to fight foreclosures. CNN's Thelma Gutierrez reports.

Some communities are printing their own currencyupdated Wed Apr 22 2009 15:29:26

Steve Carlotta's family-owned camera store is struggling along with other mom and pop stores. But he's found a way to compete with Internet stores and big-box chains.

Priest becomes savior in foreclosure crisisupdated Wed Apr 22 2009 13:30:02

Father John Lasseigne has never owned a home, but he's become one of the key saviors for those who face losing their house. As banks move in to take over homes in foreclosure, this priest is stepping in to stop them.

Good houses cheap in Detroitupdated Tue Apr 21 2009 15:35:38

Cheap houses pull investors to Detroit. CNN's David Mattingly reports.

Making no-cash deals with neighborsupdated Tue Apr 21 2009 09:48:04

Some people living in Atlanta have found a way to get goods and services without spending their hard-earned cash.

High-end coffee business slows during recessionupdated Mon Apr 20 2009 12:39:07

The high-end specialty coffee industry isn't immune to the effects of a recession, but many companies are still doing well.

Baristas battle for the crownupdated Mon Apr 20 2009 12:36:51

Baristas from around the world pulled espressos, cappuccinos and specialty drinks in Atlanta to compete for the 2009 World Barista Championship title.

Report: College students relying more on credit cardsupdated Sun Apr 19 2009 19:18:49

College sophomore Nick Philliou admits he's not in the best financial shape these days.

Pay up or your car engine will stopupdated Fri Apr 17 2009 10:10:19

With consumer credit ratings plummeting, more American car owners could soon be driving around with an electronic Big Brother on board.

Folks losing homes dial 1-800; no one answersupdated Thu Apr 16 2009 09:46:50

Megan Cavallari looks up from her stack of hundreds of faxes and documents, proof of her efforts to try to save her home from foreclosure. She's been on hold for over an hour, trying to get details for a loan modification.

Dreaming of cheese, jobsupdated Wed Apr 15 2009 22:50:49

An entrepreneur hopes a high-end cheese factory can turn around a struggling farm community. CNN's Poppy Harlow reports.

Dreaming of cheese, jobs in New York fieldupdated Wed Apr 15 2009 14:16:11

Is cheese the answer for Cayuga County, New York?

Advice for mind and money in tough timesupdated Wed Apr 15 2009 09:33:10

Here are some nuggets of wisdom from top experts about how to get through your current financial crisis:

Tough times bring new troubles on tax dayupdated Wed Apr 15 2009 08:53:26

Tax day is an annual stress test for millions of Americans, but Wednesday's Internal Revenue Service filing deadline may be the toughest one yet for many who can't pay their mortgages or rent, let alone a big tax bill.

Hungry for love? Matchmakers thrive in slumpupdated Wed Apr 15 2009 08:48:49

Everybody's got a hungry heart, but when bad times hit, it can become positively starving.

Recession leaves funeral business in grave stateupdated Wed Apr 15 2009 03:03:49

The saying goes, "Nothing is certain but death and taxes." But the current troubling economic times has even the "death" industry feeling a bit lifeless, as families look to cut funeral costs.

Taxes: State by stateupdated Tue Apr 14 2009 20:09:39

Couple pay off $46,000 in debt, throw partyupdated Tue Apr 14 2009 02:08:27

For Sherrie Muldoon, the credit card debt was $46,244.

$500K homes now selling for $200,000updated Fri Apr 03 2009 08:51:05

The two-story homes on Fir Circle in an upscale Lake Elsinore, California, neighborhood tell two stunningly different tales.

Depression vs. Recessionupdated Thu Apr 02 2009 18:52:50

CNN's Christine Romans looks at whether the country is in a true "depression" and what the term even means.

Can jobless men cry?updated Tue Mar 31 2009 16:25:56

CNN's Lola Ogunnaike looks at how men are dealing with job loss and how it affects their psyches.

'Invincibles' skip insuranceupdated Tue Mar 31 2009 16:25:35

Many young people choose to be uninsured rather than pay high health insurance premiums. CNN's Elizabeth Cohen reports.

Coupon tips to save cashupdated Tue Mar 31 2009 16:25:12

"Coupon mom" Stephanie Nelson says the average family of four can save $100 a week by clipping coupons.

How to save $20,000updated Tue Mar 31 2009 16:24:50

"The Ultimate Cheapskate" Jeff Yeager offers tips on five ways to save $20,000 a year.

CA highwayman needs workupdated Tue Mar 31 2009 16:24:28

CNN's Ted Rowlands introduces us to a road worker whose struggling to get by and a highway project that could help him.

A cash bonus for foreclosuresupdated Tue Mar 31 2009 16:24:07

Phoenix is offering a cash incentive to residents who buy foreclosed homes. KNXV reports.

Auctioning off memories to surviveupdated Tue Mar 31 2009 16:23:42

CNN photojournalist John Bena visits a local auction house where cash-strapped people part with precious items.

Candy sales soarupdated Tue Mar 31 2009 16:23:09

CNN's Alina Cho reports that candy sales are soaring despite the recession.

Are troops being laid-off?updated Tue Mar 31 2009 16:07:00

Is the economy forcing the U.S. military to lay off American troops? Chris Lawrence reports.

Customers pay what they wantupdated Tue Mar 31 2009 16:04:56

CNN's John Roberts speaks to Sam Lippert who lets customers pay what they can at his restaurant.

Fly flag, buy Americanupdated Tue Mar 31 2009 15:56:33

Lansing, Michigan, Mayor Virg Bernero says now is the time to fly the flag and buy American.

Drug tests for the joblessupdated Tue Mar 31 2009 15:55:17

Lawmakers want food stamps and unemployment recipients to take random drug tests. CNN's Christine Romans reports.

Shaky economy forces Americans to rediscover communityupdated Thu Mar 26 2009 12:23:39

Leslie Gage knew it was coming, but that didn't take away the pain.

In a slump, camping comes into vogueupdated Thu Mar 26 2009 08:58:31

Susan Lanier has always enjoyed getting out of her urban home in Chicago, Illinois.

Commentary: No job? Create your own!updated Thu Mar 26 2009 06:16:35

Madame Alexander was one of the great innovators in the doll industry.