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Veterans in Focus
On the battlefield in Iraq, Spec. Vikki Olmo put her life on the line, just like one of the boys. After returning home from combat, female veterans like Vikki are finding a difficult road back to civilian life.

D-Day in his own words


Once homeless vet's mission to save his brothers-in-arms
The places I encountered when I was looking for a safe haven were no better than the streets. That's when the commitment in my heart to help homeless veterans was born. -- Roy Foster, U.S. Army veteran

Veterans by the numbers


Do you have a loved one serving in the military who recently returned home after a long deployment? If so, send us pictures and video from your reunion moments and they could air on HLN's Morning Express with Robin Meade during the holiday season. FULL STORY

Impact Your World

Historically, Veterans Day is marked by parades, official ceremonies and events, but many Americans only know it as a day off work or school. The day is actually meant to honor veterans of all wars. Here are some ideas that will make a personal impact as you honor veterans. FULL STORY