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Michael Jackson's 'This Is It'
With a $21.3 million domestic gross at the box office on its opening weekend, "This Is It" raised its worldwide total to a massive $101 million that easily breaks the record for a concert doc.

The film was made from rehearsal and backstage footage of Michael Jackson and shot just before he died June 25.


Michael Jackson's posthumous documentary, "This Is It" hits theatres this week and we want to know your thoughts. Send an iReport, telling us if you're buying tickets, what opening night looked like in your town and your review of the film.

In light of the recent controversy, we'd also love to hear your thoughts on this footage being released in theatres.  SEE THE IREPORTS

King of Pop

He was lauded and ridiculed. He broke down barriers and built them around himself. He soared to heights unimaginable with his music, and he made the ignominious front page of gutter tabloids worldwide. For Michael Jackson, the spotlight was always present, and the rest of the world followed. Jackson's death spurred many of his fans to pour out their grief through music and dance, impromptu shrines at symbolic locations and heartfelt remembrances for the show-stopping singer.  SPECIAL COVERAGE
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