9/11 taught the U.S. that it ignores rising Muslim resentment at its own peril. America can't have another generation of Muslims who hate it. Is it possible to win the hearts and minds of Muslim youth?

Experts: Why some turn to violence

Would-be suicide bomber
CNN's Christiane Amanpour investigates how one madrassa student is recruited to join the Taliban.
Map of Muslim youth
There are more than 780 million Muslims under the age of 25, representing more than 11 percent of the global population
iReport: Perspectives on perception
We want to hear from Muslims around the world. Are you concerned about the way Muslims have been portrayed in recent years? Is the religion of Islam at odds with American values or democracy?
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Muslim youth in Gaza and Afghanistan
Islam: Key facts
An estimated 1.1 billion people worldwide are Muslims
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Do you think relations between the United States and the Muslim world are improving?
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Generation Islam
Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour travels to two of the places where the battle for the next generation of Muslim hearts and minds is most intense -- Afghanistan and Gaza.