Many of the people who describe near-death experiences talk about feeling a beautiful peace and being in the light. Science says it might be a trick of the mind, but those who have had those experiences say it has changed their lives.

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'Dr. Gupta Investigates'
CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta shows us the medical miracles that are saving lives in the face of death. "Cheating Death," Sat. & Sun. 8 p.m. ET.
Suspended animation
People need oxygen to live but it turns out it is also a toxin, causing a chain of damaging chemical reactions that result in death. Scientists are using that principle to try to cheat death.
Back from the dead
Chris Brooks was dead at age 22. Clinically dead for more than 15 minutes. But it wasn't the end. Watch a complete act of "Cheating Death" to learn more.
Cold as ice
What happened toAnna Bågenholm one sunny afternoon on the ski slopes changed her life and has redefined what is possible in cases of accidental hypothermia.
Inside the heart
Death is not a single event: It's a process that can be interrupted
Therapeutic hypothermia
Cooling the body may help a patient survive cardiac arrest.
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