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Black Men in the Age of President Obama
On the first anniversary of President Barack Obama's election, the glow of his ascendancy may be fading for some but hope is still burning bright for a growing number of African-American men who have been inspired by Obama to step up their game. Organizations from black fraternities to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America say they're seeing a change of conduct among black men.

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One year after the historic election of President Barack Obama, CNN, HLN and Essence Magazine are taking an unprecedented look at his impact on black men in America. Obama has urged black men to take responsibility for their lives and families and he's called on all Americans to volunteer to help restore their communities. Has President Obama inspired you to take action? What are the challenges still facing black men in America? SHARE YOUR STORY

The black Donald Trumps

Michael and Steven Roberts didn't have two quarters to rub together a couple of decades ago. Now, the two African-American business leaders estimate their holdings -- from hotels to TV stations -- are worth $1 billion. One St. Louis hotel they own once barred black people.  FULL STORY
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