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Some jobs just never seem to go away: Barbers, bluesmen, cobblers, clock repairmen. Meet another worker in a timeless profession: Doug Workman, farrier. In other words, he shoes horses.

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Before the pickin' and strummin'
Work at the C.F. Martin guitar factory in Pennsylvania results in some sweet sounds
A timeless clock shop
At this clock-repair shop in Virginia, it is as though time has stood still
His sundae best
Since 1956, Monroe Udell has served ice cream the only way he knows -- in huge amounts
Treasures from the sea
Like generations before him, Karl Lessard farms the waters off Florida for lobsters
Quick Vote
Is there a drive-in movie theater in your area?
Yosemite legend
More than a ranger
Yosemite National Park's Julia Parker is a ranger and cultural ambassador whose hand-woven baskets are in museums worldwide