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44th President: The First Year

Obama pushes for energy jobs

President Obama says America can generate more jobs by investing less on foreign oil.

50 states in 50 weeks

updated Tue Feb 16 2010 11:41:33

Obama pushes for energy jobs

President Obama says America can generate more jobs by investing less on foreign oil.

updated Fri Jan 29 2010 13:28:30

$5,000 for new hires

President Obama unveils a new package of tax credits aimed at job creation.

updated Tue Jan 26 2010 14:18:41

50 states in 50 weeks

updated Fri Jan 22 2010 15:38:02

Obama talks to Ohio

President Obama explains his economic vision and support for health care reform to supporters in Ohio.

updated Wed Jan 20 2010 11:14:50

Obama's first year in review

Take a look back at the highs and lows of President Obama's first year in office.

updated Sun Jan 17 2010 18:48:54

Obama stumps for Coakley

President Obama campaigns for Democratic Senate candidate Martha Coakley.

updated Sun Jan 17 2010 14:46:32

Obama's hope for health care

President Obama addresses a crowd Sunday morning at Vermont Avenue Baptist Church.

updated Fri Jan 15 2010 12:04:44

50 states in 50 weeks shows state of the union

From beginning to end, they were accidental but inseparable partners: Hope and Anxiety.

updated Wed Jan 13 2010 14:56:30

Obama: 'Hour of need'

President Obama pledges full U.S. support for humanitarian relief in quake-ravaged Haiti.

updated Tue Jan 12 2010 13:09:15

Americans split on Obama's first year, poll finds

Americans are giving Barack Obama a split decision on his first year in office, according to a national poll released Tuesday.

updated Fri Jan 08 2010 14:45:13

Will Obama pre-empt 'Lost'?

Will President Obama's State of the Union address pre-empt the three-hour season premiere of the ABC hit show "Lost"?

updated Thu Jan 07 2010 19:22:55

President Obama's agenda

CNN's Jessica Yellin takes a look at the state of President Obama's 2010 agenda.

updated Wed Jan 06 2010 15:47:18

Obama's education partnerships

President Obama announces a $250 million initiative designed to improve national math and science education.

updated Tue Jan 05 2010 20:02:33

Obama: 'The system has failed'

President Obama says the Christmas Day terror attempt shows that the security system failed.

updated Mon Jan 04 2010 12:28:51

Obama returns from vacation

CNN's Suzanne Malveaux on what is on the president's agenda after returning from vacation in Hawaii.

updated Mon Dec 28 2009 21:37:07

Obama terror statement

President Obama speaks out against the attempted terror attack on a U.S. plane. CNN's Ed Henry reports.

updated Fri Dec 25 2009 08:58:40

Mele Kalikimaka, Pres. Obama!

It's tough covering the president, as CNN's Ed Henry demonstrates in Hawaii where the Obamas are vacationing.

updated Fri Dec 25 2009 08:36:38

Retracing the footsteps of young Obama

Jack Christensen often walks away from the Baskin-Robbins with fewer followers than he had when he got there.

updated Tue Dec 22 2009 18:31:59

Obamas mum on Christmas gifts

The first family talk about why this Christmas will be different while keeping mum on gifts for the president.

updated Mon Dec 21 2009 13:12:18

Obama calls for cost cutting

President Obama talks government effectiveness and says it's on track to meet budget and health care reform goals.

updated Sat Dec 19 2009 05:22:43

Crunch time

Erica Hill and panel discuss Pres. Obama's trip to Copenhagen, as well as the health care debate that he will come home to.

updated Fri Dec 18 2009 13:48:40

How's Obama doing?

As 2009 winds down, half the country gives President Obama a thumbs up in a new poll. Paul Steinhauser reports.

updated Fri Dec 18 2009 10:12:12

Obama: 'No time to waste'

President Barack Obama tells the U.N. climate change conference "all sides" must come together on climate agreement.

updated Thu Dec 17 2009 08:43:58

Is Obama failing blacks?

A "Larry King Live" panel discusses charges that President Obama is failing the African-American community.

updated Tue Dec 15 2009 16:34:17

Obama: 'We can get this done'

President Obama says Congress is on the verge of passing a health care reform bill.

updated Tue Dec 15 2009 12:20:22

Obama: 'Insulation is sexy'

President Obama discusses the economic impacts of energy saving home retrofits at a Virginia Home Depot.

updated Fri Dec 11 2009 17:22:58

Dollar limit on health care?

A loophole in the Senate's compromise to the health care bill could put a limit on spending. Brianna Keilar reports.

updated Fri Dec 11 2009 11:04:53

Obama: 'Peace requires responsibility'

President Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize on Thursday with much discussion of war and the limits of nonviolence.

updated Thu Dec 10 2009 23:17:49

War sometimes justified, Obama says in Nobel Peace Prize speech

President Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Prize Thursday by talking about war and the limits of non-violence.

updated Tue Dec 08 2009 12:56:28

Accelerating job growth

President Obama announces new steps to accelerate job growth and stimulate the economy.

updated Mon Dec 07 2009 16:40:54

Gibbs defends EPA announcement

Robert Gibbs defends the administration's timing of the announcement declaring greenhouse gases a health threat.

updated Wed Dec 02 2009 00:57:28

Obama's speech, highs and lows

An AC360 panel discusses what they thought were the key points that stuck out in President Obama's Afghanistan speech.

updated Tue Dec 01 2009 20:57:44

U.S. Troop timetable

In a prime-time speech, President Obama announces a surge of troops to Afghanistan and a timetable to pull them out.

updated Wed Nov 25 2009 11:13:28

Obama's first state dinner blends pageantry with politics

President Obama toasted a growing U.S. friendship with India at the first state dinner of his administration Tuesday, an evening of regal pageantry and symbolic politics in a tent on the White House South Lawn.

updated Tue Nov 24 2009 13:23:47

Obama previews Afghanistan plan

President Obama talks about his impending announcement regarding what's next for the U.S. in Afghanistan.

updated Tue Nov 24 2009 10:14:47

'Two great republics'

President Obama welcomes Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh to the White House.

updated Mon Nov 23 2009 15:46:36

Obama pushes math, science education

A conversation last week with South Korea's president apparently showed President Obama the stark difference between how Asian nations and the United States value education.

updated Fri Nov 20 2009 19:53:03

Blame or credit for economy

Americans are divided over whether the president's economic policies are actually working. CNN's Suzanne Malveaux reports.

updated Wed Nov 18 2009 13:22:34

Months into Obama's presidency, promise of 'change' is a slow go

On that unusually balmy Chicago night a year ago, the candidate who campaigned on what he called the "fierce urgency of now" became the president-elect who needed time.

updated Wed Nov 18 2009 11:29:33

Obama: 'We've restored America's standing'

A little more than a year after his election, President Obama said his administration has laid the groundwork for success on global and domestic matters.

updated Fri Nov 13 2009 20:19:33

Obama's first trip to Asia

Obama begins his trip to Asia surrounded by questions over his pending decision on troop deployment to Afghanistan.

updated Thu Nov 12 2009 12:29:04

Obama to host economy forum

President Obama announces he will be hosting a forum on job creation and economic growth.

updated Fri Nov 06 2009 13:51:21

Obama extends benefits

President Obama signs legislation that will help Americans who are out of work or searching for work.

updated Thu Oct 29 2009 13:49:35

Clinton's message to Pakistan

Secretary of State Clinton is in Pakistan trying to chip away at anti-American sentiment. CNN's Jill Dougherty reports.

updated Thu Oct 29 2009 13:48:46

Paying-off terrorists

President Obama signs a law providing money for Taliban insurgents who side with the U.S. CNN's Louise Schiavone reports.

updated Tue Oct 27 2009 21:21:40

Obama aide: Fox News is biased

White House adviser Valerie Jarrett tells CNN's Campbell Brown that Fox News is biased in its coverage.

updated Mon Oct 26 2009 17:00:34

Obama: 'I will never rush'

President Obama delivers remarks to servicemembers at the Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida.

updated Thu Oct 22 2009 13:40:41

Obama: We are close on reform

President Obama devotes his weekly Web address to health care reform.

updated Thu Oct 22 2009 13:39:49

Obama loses support in issues

The latest CNN poll shows for the first time a majority of Americans disagrees with president on issues.

updated Thu Oct 22 2009 11:05:29

Obama's health care poll

CNN's Candy Crowley reports the public is split on Pres. Obama's health care reform.

updated Wed Oct 21 2009 09:44:38

Are states following stimulus plan rules for schools?

Creating and saving jobs while boosting investment in the future are among the top goals of the Obama administration's $787 billion economic stimulus plan.

updated Wed Oct 14 2009 10:14:54

'U.S. and Russia can cooperate'

Hillary Clinton says there are some in both the U.S. and Russia who haven't moved beyond a Cold War mentality.

updated Tue Oct 13 2009 03:36:23

West wing vs. 'right wing'

Anderson Cooper and panel discuss the ramifications of an alleged new White House strategy to take on Fox News.

updated Sun Oct 11 2009 04:47:20

Obama on gay rights

Don Lemon and panelists discuss President Obama's speech at the Human Rights Campaign dinner Saturday night.

updated Sun Oct 11 2009 00:49:44

'Still laws to change'

President Obama spoke Saturday night at the Human Rights Campaign dinner in Washington.

updated Sat Oct 10 2009 23:20:51

Obama on gay rights

President Barack Obama discusses his commitment for equal rights for gays and lesbians.

updated Sat Oct 10 2009 21:58:17

Obama: 'I will sign it into law'

President Barack Obama promises to pass an inclusive hate crimes bill named for Matthew Shepard.

updated Sat Oct 10 2009 11:59:38

Analysis: Did Obama win Nobel for not being Bush?

Did President Obama land a Nobel peace prize at such an early stage of his presidency simply because he's not George W. Bush?

updated Sat Oct 10 2009 09:00:09

Commentary: Nobel for Obama is premature

Usually, when a president wins the Nobel Peace Prize, it is uniformly seen as a positive development for America and for the world.

updated Sat Oct 10 2009 06:44:32

Henry: Is Obama's Nobel a blessing or curse?

Yes he can win the Nobel Peace Prize. Even on the same day that President Obama met with his war council yet again to consider sending up to 40,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan.

updated Wed Oct 07 2009 10:09:07

'A difficult decision'

House Speaker Pelosi and Minority Leader Boehner weigh in on the prospect of sending more U.S. troops to Afghanistan.

updated Mon Oct 05 2009 12:00:11

Obama renews health push

President Obama makes a new push for health care reform after meeting with a group of physicians.

updated Fri Oct 02 2009 16:35:54

Obama on unemployment

President Obama addresses new unemployment numbers and comments on Chicago's Olympic defeat.

updated Fri Oct 02 2009 13:44:49

Second City's comedy take

Second City comedy group mostly spares its hometown President but has other targets. Jessica Yellin reports.

updated Fri Oct 02 2009 10:54:00

Obamas' final Olympic pitch

President Obama and Mrs. Obama make their final pitch in support of Chicago's Olympic bid. CNN's Ed Henry reports.

updated Thu Oct 01 2009 01:09:32

Pressure increases on Obama over Afghanistan

President Obama is under increasing pressure to decide whether the United States will commit more troops and resources to the conflict in Afghanistan.

updated Wed Sep 30 2009 13:53:13

Obama Denmark trip

Our blogger bunch discusses President Obama's trip to Denmark and lobbying for Chicago's 2016 Olympic bid.

updated Tue Sep 29 2009 13:06:01

Obama Olympics trip carries political risks

President Obama's decision to head to Copenhagen, Denmark, later this week to make a push to bring the 2016 Olympic Games to Chicago is not without political controversy.

updated Wed Sep 23 2009 10:17:08

Obama drops demand that Israel freeze settlements

Prodding Israel and the Palestinian Authority to restart talks aimed at a permanent resolution of their decades-old conflict, President Obama dropped a demand for an Israeli settlement freeze, U.S., Israeli and Palestinian officials said.

updated Tue Sep 22 2009 13:22:17

'We have to find a way forward'

President Obama says it is time for Israelis and Palestinians to move forward with real peace and security negotiations.

updated Tue Sep 22 2009 10:39:39

Obama's first UN speech

President Obama delivers his first speech to the United Nations, speaking during a summit on climate change.

updated Sun Sep 20 2009 14:25:37

Obama: Economy probably won't produce enough jobs until 2010

President Obama says that despite signs of economic recovery, the country will not see large-scale job growth until next year.

updated Sun Sep 20 2009 11:58:16

President Obama interview

CNN's John King sits down with President Obama to discuss jobs, health care, and the war in Afghanistan.

updated Sun Sep 20 2009 09:48:06

Obama: Jobs will lag until next year

President Obama tells CNN's John King that the jobs picture is not going to improve over the next couple of months.

updated Sun Sep 20 2009 09:16:14

Obama on Kim Jong Il's health

President Obama tells CNN's John King that President Clinton told him Kim Jong Il has reasserted himself.

updated Thu Sep 17 2009 11:06:22

Obama announces defense changes

President Obama calls the new missile defense architecture in Europe stronger, smarter and cost effective.

updated Thu Sep 17 2009 09:10:44

Politics: Criticism or racism

CNN's Candy Crowley looks at the politics of criticism versus racism in Washington.

updated Wed Sep 16 2009 14:45:34

Obama meets with Harper

President Obama meets with the Canadian Prime Minister to discuss trade and Afghanistan.

updated Tue Sep 15 2009 17:21:13

Afghanistan war support low

Support for the war in Afghanistan is at an all-time low, according to a new national poll. Paul Steinhauser reports.

updated Tue Sep 15 2009 15:07:47

Obama: 'We're moving forward'

President Obama addresses an AFL-CIO convention in Pittsburgh.

updated Tue Sep 15 2009 14:18:44

Obama defends auto bailout, touts new fuel rules

President Obama took his economic recovery message on the road Tuesday, defending the controversial auto bailout during an appearance at a General Motors plant in the heart of the struggling Rust Belt.

updated Mon Sep 14 2009 19:20:49

The health care reform divide

CNN deputy political director Paul Steinhauser has the results of a new poll on health care reform.

updated Sun Sep 13 2009 16:44:39

King: Life is bare bones on the Lakota reservation

The tiny one-room house rests on a hill; no electricity and no running water. A creaky metal cot and a rusting wood-burning stove is all the comfort Herbert Hale says he needs.

updated Sat Sep 12 2009 18:47:22

Obama talks health care in MN

President Obama spoke at a rally in Minneapolis Saturday pitching health care reform. Elaine Quijano reports.

updated Sat Sep 12 2009 15:38:25

Flashback to Obama campaign

President Obama jokes about how "fired up, ready to go" came about in Minneapolis.

updated Thu Sep 10 2009 01:18:53

Obama gives health reform speech

President Obama delivers an address to Congress to present the most detailed description of his idea of health reform.

updated Wed Sep 09 2009 22:30:39

iReporters rate Obama speech

iReporters Egberto Willies and Garrett Sandeen talk about Pres. Obama's address and whether he answered their questions.

updated Wed Sep 09 2009 22:12:59

How'd Obama do?

CNN's Paul Steinhauser breaks down the President's address and tells us what we learned about his health care plan.

updated Wed Sep 09 2009 15:14:41

Health care debate

CNN's Jessica Yellin talks about the "public option" aspect of the ongoing health care reform debate.

updated Tue Sep 08 2009 14:30:10

Health care not Congress' only priority

Congress returns Tuesday from a monthlong recess to tackle a list of pressing issues, and health care reform isn't the only item at the top of the list.

updated Tue Sep 08 2009 14:11:34

Obama urges staying in school

President Obama delivers a hotly debated back-to-school speech to students across the country.

updated Tue Sep 08 2009 13:08:33

Obama lectures students

An excerpt from President Obama's speech on education addresses to school students across the United States.

updated Mon Sep 07 2009 14:16:13

Obama: Time to act is now

At his Labor Day speech to the AFL-CIO in Ohio, President Obama says it's time to reform health care.

updated Sat Sep 05 2009 08:32:09

Many conservatives enraged over Obama school speech

The White House found itself on the defensive Friday over what would ordinarily be considered the most uncontroversial of events: a back-to-school speech to the nation's children.

updated Fri Sep 04 2009 13:45:16

Pres. Obama talks to my kids?

Parents and conservative groups are upset over the president's planned speech to students.

updated Thu Sep 03 2009 13:37:21

Biden on health care

Vice President Biden comments on President Obama's upcoming speech on health care reform.

updated Wed Sep 02 2009 11:24:48

Health care bus tour

CNN's Jim Acosta reports on the political bus tour promoting President Obama's health care plan.

updated Sat Aug 29 2009 08:32:43

Katrina 4 years later

President Obama devotes his weekly Web address to the efforts his administration is putting forth to help the Gulf Coast rebuild.

updated Tue Aug 25 2009 15:44:15

Stimulus money helps town

The federal stimulus program helps some local cops. CNN's Kate Bolduan reports.

updated Tue Aug 25 2009 14:59:26

Now hiring: Obama still needs to fill top jobs

More than seven months into office, President Obama still has a number of top posts to fill, which one expert said could be hurting the nation's security.

updated Tue Aug 25 2009 10:15:10

Obama reappoints Bernanke

President Obama, speaking from his vacation, appoints Federal Reserve chief Ben Bernanke for a second term.