Air your views on the U.S. election

Why are the 2008 U.S. Elections important to you and your home country? We'll take the best videos and air them on CNN International and the international edition of

UK view of the candidates

A British woman considers what impact Barack Obama or John McCain could have on the world

French focused on U.S.

French people are gripped by the U.S. presidential election like no time in the past, Jim Bittermann says

Does the world's vote count?
Do voters care what the world thinks of the candidates? Josh Rubin reports from CNN's Election Express
Scoring the candidates

How did global viewers react to the last Obama-McCain debate? CNN correspondents take the pulse of the planet

Global perspectives
Journalists from around the world join CNN's Jonathan Mann to discuss the election and its consequences
Mixed views in Mexico
Mexicans have differing views on who should win the U.S. election. Harris Whitbeck reports from Mexico City
Europe's problem with Palin

Sarah Palin's folksy charms have worn thin on Europeans wary of her lack of worldliness, says Robin Oakley

Trade, not aid
The U.S. sends billions in aid to Africa but Kenyans would rather trade on equal terms, reports David McKenzie
Mexico City

"I really believe we need a change. There is a possibility to change the course of politics"

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"Israel is so dependent on the U.S. We need America to stand with us in so many areas"

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"I have never met so many people on one continent with so much hope for one candidate"

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"We need a man in the White House who can build bridges and is interested in talking"

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"I have a lot of friends in America. I don't want America to make an enemy of Russia."

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"For the western world there is no doubt that the president sets the tone for world affairs"

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