From violence and abuse to fundamental health issues such as lack of drinking water, children around the globe are facing threats that challenge survival. CNN looks at these issues, solutions that are working and how you can make a difference.
Around the world, the lack of clean water and sanitation contributes to the leading causes of death of children under 5, according to the World Health Organization.
Explainer: The impact of water and sanitation
Two-thirds of Africans have no toilets
More than 2 million children are living with HIV, and an estimated 15 million children have lost parents to AIDS, according to UNICEF.
Gupta: Stopping HIV's spread
Early detection is key
Rwanda's impressive fight
More health information on HIV
Child Protection
Increasingly, children are civilian casualites of war, exploited for armed conflict and becoming orphans or refugees
How children cope with the emotional wounds
Report: Kids' lives are nightmares in unstable nations
State of children's well-being in Asia and Europe
Children in war-torn countries
Child Survival Programs
Some nations are trying a new program for child survival, designed to deliver services for those in hard to reach areas.
Explainer: What is ACSD?
Survival Project: One Child At A Time
CNN's chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta hosts a special look at stories of children at risk around the world -- and what we can do to help.
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How can you help protect the most important future resource? The world's children need your aid.

How you can help:
Save the Children
World Food Programme
Oxfam International
Children’s Hunger Fund
End Hunger Network
World Vision
Water Partners International
Water For People
UN Habitat Water and Sanitation
Blue Planet Run Foundation
Action Against Hunger

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