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Prosecutor promises to reveal 'real' Spector

prosecutor promised to reveal "the real Phil Spector" as a dangerous gun nut whose "very rich history of violence" culminated in the alleged murder of an actress at his mansion.

The two sides of Phil Spector

Inside the diminutive body of Phil Spector reside two men, according to witnesses at his murder trial.

Chauffeur testifies

Jurors at Phil Spector's murder trial heard a panicked 911 call placed by the pop music producer's chauffeur after the fatal shooting of an actress.

Misstep could haunt renowned scientist

For two decades, law enforcement agencies and defense attorneys in high-profile cases have turned with confidence to Lee for scientific answers. But this week, in the Phil Spector murder trial, Lee was identified as part of a serious problem.

Playwright says actress was not suicidal

A playwright who worked with Lana Clarkson a month before her death said the actress never displayed suicidal tendencies, but did voice disappointment about the trajectory of her career and worry about her future as an aging actress in Hollywood.

Daughter describes Spector as 'doting'

Her testimony lasted just two minutes, but the woman likely to be the final witness for Phil Spector's defense presented jurors Wednesday with a side of the music legend unheard of in the previous four months of his murder trial -- that of a responsible, devoted father.

Spector attorney resigns

The high-profile lawyer who once headed Phil Spector's legal team walked away from his defense entirely after the music legend refused to let him deliver a closing argument at his murder trial.

Judge declares mistrial

A judge declared a mistrial after jurors in Phil Spector's trial said they could not reach a unanimous decision as to whether the death of an actress was murder or suicide.

Guns, depression and rock 'n' roll

A recently unsealed deposition transcript reveals that the once-powerful music man has struggled with crippling depression for years, is under the regular care of a psychiatrist, and still disavows any responsibility for an alleged history of trouble when it comes to guns and women.

Jury familiar with guns, drugs, celebrities

A panel of nine men and three women is hearing evidence against Phil Spector in the 2003 death of actress Lana Clarkson. They include a journalist once assigned to the case, the estranged wife of a convicted murderer, a civil engineer working on his PhD and a Broadway actor-turned-film executive. The average age of the panel is 48, about two decades younger than the defendant.

Key document: Booking record

This police department document features Spector's mugshot.

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