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The victims came to Virginia Tech from around the United States and around the world, from different cultures and different continents. These are profiles of the victims, accompanied by thoughts and memories shared by those who knew them. Friends and Family remember
Ross AlameddineJamie BishopBrian BluhmRyan ClarkAustin CloydJocelyne Couture-NowakKevin GranataMatt GwaltneyCaitlin HammarenJeremy HerbstrittRachael HillEmily HilscherMatthew La PorteJarrett LaneHenry LeeLiviu LibrescuG.V. LoganathanPartahi Mamora Halomoan LumbantoruanLauren McCainDaniel O'NeilJuan Ramon OrtizMinal PanchalDaniel Perez CuevaErin PetersonMichael PohleJulia PrydeMary ReadReema SamahaWaleed ShaalanLeslie G. ShermanMaxine TurnerNicole Regina White
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Victims honored at commencement
Many Virginia Tech students said they would never forget the day a fellow student gunned down 32 people before killing himself, but that the tragedy wouldn't come to define their college experience. AUDIO SLIDE SHOW

Virginia Tech report: Share mental health data
During the early morning hours of April 16, a gunman went on a rampage on the Virginia Tech campus. By the time he was done, more than 30 students and faculty members were dead.
Gallery: Tragedy and tears
A killer's words Video
Gallery: The gunman's manifesto A prepared gunman
Cho's gun purchase 'legal'
The gunman's morbid plays
Shooter was a loner
One student pretended to be dead to survive. Another refused to budge from a classroom door to keep the gunman out. The campus was a witness to the worst shooting in American history.
I-Report: Caught on a cell phone
I-Report: Your photos
Witness pretended to be dead
Hero was 'completely scared'
• The dorm murders The rampage 
Many students vowed to stay at the university in the immediate aftermath of the shootings, determined to heal and defiant in the face of tragedy.
Victims full of possibilities
CNNU: Students mourn nationwide
Students find support online
The nation falls silent Learning to mourn 
The Virginia Tech tragedy has raised the complex question of security at our schools and colleges. How safe are they and what more can be done?
Warnings questioned Video
Timeline: Deadly college shootings
Tragedy sparks gun rights debate Campus safety 
Amish school shooter 'angry at life'

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