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How is the U.S. scoring on equality? Experts – and you – hand out grades. Equality report card

• MLK streets traverse nation's past, future
• I-Report: Your photos of MLK streets
• Explainer: By the numbers
• Here's why 'articulate' got Biden in trouble • Tuskegee's ghosts: Fear hinders marrow donation
• Dancer hopes to tap new 'Awakening'
• Taking hip-hop to new heights

Today’s rights would not be possible without those paving the way.

• Cultural pioneers: Icons and intellectuals
• Political, business leaders: CEOs to beauty empires
• Notable scientists: Breaking barriers
• Arts innovators: Changing culture
• Timeline: The modern civil rights struggle
• Unsung heroes
Joseph Lowery has spent the last half century fighting for civil rights, but now he's looking to the future challenges and goals of the movement.
Commentary: 'Equity, not equality'

Has the U.S. achieved racial equality yet? Different generations speak out.
• Audio Slide Show: African American generational voices
Black history ... still in the making: Celebrating heritage while looking to the future. Special guests every Thursday in February.
•  Michael Mauldin: Music business giant
•  Shirley Franklin, mayor of Atlanta

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