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Arrivederci, Torino
Winter Games end in an explosion of color and pageantry, as the countdown begins to the 2010 Games in Vancouver
Fairytale finish
Italy wins the last gold of the Games, by 0.8 seconds.
Torino 2006 quiz
Have you been paying attention? Test yourself!
But remember -- it's the taking part that counts...
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Olympic Timeline
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Salt Lake City 2002 Quiz
Olympic trivia quiz
Making history Winter Olympicsexternal link Olympics quizexternal link
Olympic Venues
Olympic Flameexternal link
The journey to Torino
Torino 2006external link
Official site of the Games
How will the 2010 Games in Vancouver compare with the Torino Olympics?
They'll be better, eh
They'll be worse
They'll be equally as good
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Winter Olympics
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