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Hurricane Season
Editor's Note: This page was archived on September 29, one month after Hurricane Katrina made landfall as a Category 4 storm just east of New Orleans.

Zone of destruction
The eye of the massive Category 4 hurricane hit land near the Mississippi/Louisiana border. But the nearly 250-mile wide storm devastated an area the size of Great Britain. Use the map below to find news on the places most affected by Katrina.
Bush: 'I take responsibility'
'People making decisions hesitated'
Military's Katrina mission nears end
Watch: 'Ragin' Cajun' takes action (1:57)
Evacuees wait as relief efforts build
Watch: Bush: Response 'not acceptable' (1:57)
Watch: Mayor fed up with slow response (1:57)
Rebuilding homes, rebuilding lives
Gallery: Return to St. Bernard Parish
Interactive: Drying Out New Orleans
Gallery: Rooftop rescue
More news
Recovering bodies
Search and rescue teams in Mississippi recover corpses from homes. CNN's Anderson Cooper reports. (3:28)

Sifting for memories
CNN's Gary Tuchman follows one family as they assess the damage Katrina caused their neighborhood. (2:58)

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