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Hurricane Season
Editor's Note: This page was archived on September 13, just after the first two weeks of Katrina's aftermath in which hundreds of thousands of people fled their homes.

Evacuation shelters
Hundreds of thousands of people who lived in the path of Hurricane Katrina have been displaced by the storm and the floods that followed. Many evacuees are staying in hotels or homes of friends and family, but thousands also have sought shelter in centers set up by the Red Cross, government agencies and other organizations. Click on the colored squares for information about some of the largest shelters that took in evacuees just after the storm hit.
Harrowing tales of loss emerge in Katrina's wake
Watch: Dramatic rescue of man on roof
Watch: Katrina's refugee crisis
Watch: 'People are dying in front of us'
Watch: Coming home to nothing
Watch: Desperate search for loved ones
Watch: Heroes never rest
Going home to New Orleans
Watch: Katrina mental state
Rebuilding homes, rebuilding lives
3 days of death, despair and survival
Identifying victims a grueling task
Playing for Katrina's victims
More news
Stories from the shelter
Thousands of people whose lives were shattered by Hurricane Katrina found shelter in the Baton Rouge River Center, which housed as many as 5,000 displaced residents following the storm.

Playing for Katrina's victims
Watch musical highlights from CNN's Larry King-hosted special, 'How You Can Help,' featuring Eric Clapton, John Mayer, Harry Connick Jr., LeAnn Rimes and Celine Dion.
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