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November 17
Alabama Governor Don Siegelman concedes

November 14
GOP congressman concedes defeat in NY

November 13
Thune concedes defeat in S.D. Senate race

November 11
Moderates look for bigger role in Congress
Georgia's Perdue tones down flag issue
Jeb Bush's victory aided by early voting
Texas Democrats lick their wounds
Pelosi pragmatic, inclusive, supporters say

November 9
Republican Riley declares victory in Alabama
Pelosi pragmatic, inclusive, supporters say

November 8
Alabama governor files for recount
Daschle says he'll run again for leader
Pelosi victory predicted in House race
Ford to seek top Democratic House post

November 7
Minnesota Sen.-elect Coleman won't take office until January
Election glitch missed 103,000 votes in Florida county
House Democrats look for new leader
Alabama governor calls for recount
2004 campaign begins on sour note for Dems
Sources: Gephardt won't seek new leadership term

November 6
Face, voice and soul of Congress will change
Condit's House seat won by Cardoza
Matheson wins in Utah
Coleman wins Minnesota Senate race
Lingle wins Hawaii governor
Polling USA: A glitch here, a gremlin there
Two lay claim to Alabama governor's mansion
Analysis: A more powerful, more vulnerable, GOP
Voters make strong showing at polls
Democrats say Bush popularity turned tide
A dream 40 years in the making
Just vaguely depressed
The key was Georgia
Renzi defeats Cordova in new Arizona seat
Tonight, we sheath our swords
Is liberalism dead?
Hugely consequential
A slower, more cautious approach
Porter wins new Nevada House seat
Iowa voters re-elect House incumbents
Kline wins in Minnesota, CNN projects
Oregon voters defeat universal health care plan
Berkeley rejects politically correct coffee
Freudenthal wins Wyoming governor's race
Davis defeats Simon in California, CNN projects
Talent wins Missouri Senate seat
Doyle wins Wisconsin governor's race
Allard re-elected in Colorado
CNN at work on Election Day
Baldacci wins in Maine
Outgoing governor wins South Dakota House seat, CNN projects
Pearce wins New Mexico House seat
Pawlenty wins race for Minnesota governor
CNN projects Moore defeats Taff
Huckabee wins in Arkansas, CNN projects
GOP wins Senate, holds House, CNN projects
White House: We've made history
Bredesen wins Tennessee governorship
GOP cites gridlock to explain House gains
GOP anxious to use control of Senate
Rogers projected to defeat Turnham for open Alabama seat
Close House races in Georgia
Gephardt considers future
Two candidates claim Alabama gubernatorial race
Holden wins in Pennsylvania, CNN projects
Open Tennessee House seat won by Davis
Pickering defeats fellow incumbent in Mississippi
Harris wins House seat in Florida, CNN projects
Shimkus projected to defeat Phelps in Illinois
Voters deciding on scores of ballot initiatives
Johnson wins in Connecticut, CNN projects
Ryan wins Ohio House seat for Dems

November 5
Report: Gary Hart may be mulling presidential run
Chocola wins key Indiana district
Capito defeats Humphreys in West Virginia rematch
Northup wins Kentucky district
Pryor defeats Hutchinson in Arkansas
GOP determined to hold onto House
Lautenberg projected winner of New Jersey Senate seat
Sununu wins N.H. Senate race
Collins wins re-election in Maine, CNN projects
Sessions projected winner of second term in Alabama
VNS cites problems with exit polls
Dole projected to win North Carolina Senate seat
Graham wins Thurmond's S.C. Senate seat
Chambliss defeats Cleland in Georgia
Former Philadelphia mayor Rendell Pennsylvania governor
Benson projected to win N.H. governor race
Romney wins Massachusetts governor's race
Blagojevich elected Illinois governor
Bush defeats McBride in Florida governor's race, CNN projects
Taft wins in Ohio, CNN projects
Gephardt prepping for White House bid
Republicans projected to retain House
GOP projected to take Georgia Senate seat
Sanford wins S.C. governor
Perdue wins Georgia governor's race
Perdue scores historic win in Georgia, CNN projects
President watches election returns
Iraq not top issue in U.S. vote
GOP savors projected wins

November 4
Incumbent Morella defeated in Maryland
Harkin projected to win third term in Iowa
Florida approves move to protect pregnant pigs
Ballot measure: NYC mayoral vacancy approved
Ehrlich wins in Maryland's governor's race
Vilsack wins Iowa governor's race
Cornyn defeats Kirk in Texas Senate race
President calls interim senator
Carcieri wins Rhode Island governorship
Polling USA: A glitch here, a gremlin there
Pataki wins third term in New York
Richardson projected to win N.M. governor race
Granholm wins in Michigan
Democrat Sebelius projected to win Kansas governor's race
Perry, Bush's successor in Texas, projected to win governorship
Alexander wins Tennessee Senate race, CNN projects
Athletes find advantage in political arena
White House optimistic about Congress
Handful of races could decide control of Senate
Senate, governors' races highlight election
President's future at stake in elections
Justice Department sending poll monitors to 14 states
Mondale, Coleman spar in Senate debate
First lady turns 56 on the campaign trail
Politicians hit the home stretch
GOP determined to hold onto House

November 3
Minnesota's interim senator 'shocked'
New voting machines make debut
Mondale, Coleman sprint to the finish
McBride, Bush rally supporters
First lady on campaign trail
Bush, Clinton try to get out the vote

November 2
Golisano to stay in N.Y. governor's race
Polls: Key Senate races close
Mondale, Coleman to debate
Ventura ponders Wellstone replacement
Bush begins 10-state marathon
The battle for Florida
Bush, Clinton in campaign blitz
S. Dakota poll worker faces forgery charges

November 1
N.C. funeral homes giving voters a lift
Huckabee's lead shrinks in Arkansas
No charges over Wisconsin bingo party
Some lawmakers find election's a breeze
Florida's early voters encounter delays
Political leaders in campaign blitz
GOP leaders cancel ad attacking Mondale
Florida Dems file lawsuit on poll watchers
Candidates pull out stops in final fund raising
Mondale, Coleman hustle in Minnesota
Experts cite prospect of election 'chaos'
Bush on campaign blitz in key states
October 31
Analysis: The Senate Races
Image of accused sniper appears in ad
Minnesota court rules on absentee ballots
Campaigns use Internet to mobilize supporters
Mondale's doctor cites 'excellent health'
Mondale-Coleman race begins in Minnesota
Bush pushes hard for history-making GOP wins
GOP, Dems crank up voter turnout efforts
Comeback candidates answer the call

October 30
Tone of Wellstone memorial generates anger
Iraq disappears as election issue
Tone of Wellstone memorial generates anger
Mondale: I'm running
Mondale accepts nomination for Senate

October 29
Wealthy candidates spend big in races
Traficant runs campaign from prison
Bloomberg tops list of rich politicians
Bloomberg tops Forbes Richest Politicians list
Thousands pay tribute to Wellstone
Poll: Young blacks less loyal to Democrats
Bush signs voting bill

October 28
Gore sending $200,000 to four key states
Coleman promises 'vigorous campaign'
Day after election could be confusing
Bush campaigns in the West
Mondale viewed as solid choice for Dems
GOP vilifies Sens. Clinton, Kennedy, Daschle
Mondale emerges as Democrats' top choice
Democrats await Mondale's decision
New Hampshire hopeful raises eyebrows with pro-tax stand

October 25
Wellstone death complicates Senate battle
Wellstone made mark as liberal champion
Illinois gubernatorial candidates cool off
Simon struggles to keep up with Davis
Clinton's campaign role
Dick Cheney, fund-raising 'road warrior'

October 24
Arkansas court OKs anti-food tax measure
Mum's the word for S.D. governor's race
Colorado, N.M. consider Chavez holiday
DNC: No new funds for McCall campaign
First sister act in Congress?
Bush rallies the Southern faithful

October 23
Spending records broken in races
GOP hints at Lautenberg's age in N.J. race
Abortion fliers stir controversy in N.M.
Plenty at stake for Bush on Nov. 5
Governor mulls use of National Guard
Cheney hauls in millions for GOP
GOP hints at Lautenberg's age in N.J. race
FEC holds hearing on campaign finance law
Jeb Bush, McBride debate

October 22
Alaska governor's race surprisingly close
Taylor jumps back into Montana Senate race
Dems shadow Bush's travel with critical ads
News groups prepare for Election Day
Bush in campaign mode
Poll finds Davis with solid lead in California
Democrats face uphill fight in toppling Pataki

October 21
Bush Sr.: Son facing toughest problems since Lincoln
Iowa Senate race takes bizarre diversions
Schwarzenegger leads drive on school measure

October 18
Bush campaigns to return Senate control to GOP

October 17
Attacks puts fresh focus on gun control

October 16
Attacks puts fresh focus on gun control

October 10
Fiscal issues dominate governor races
Taylor drops out of Montana Senate race
Can Republicans hold the House?
Fight for control of Senate intensifies

October 7
A taste for debate in Vermont
Supreme Court won't intervene in N.J. case

October 5
Fed court wades into NJ dispute

October 4
Dems to Court: Stay out of N.J. case
GOP turns to Supreme Court
What's at stake for Bush?

October 3
GOP turns to Supreme Court

October 2
Can Republicans hold the House?
GOP takes N.J. ballot issue to Supreme Court

October 1
Fight for control of Senate intensifies
Dems pick Lautenberg to replace Torricelli
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