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Reader's poll

CNN editors have selected what they believe to be the top stories of 2001. What do you think?

Here's a list of major news events this year. Use the pulldowns to rank your top ten stories. Then, click the vote button at the bottom of the page.

September 11 attacks
War in Afghanistan
Anthrax scare
Failing economy
U.S. tax cut
U.S. spy plane downed in China
Stem cell research
Cloning research
Napster case
Microsoft case
Barry Bonds breaks single-season homerun record
California energy crisis
Rising gas prices
Foot-and-mouth disease sweeps Europe
FBI spy case
Missing intern Chandra Levy
India earthquake
Texas mother accused of killing her five children
Japan's prime minister election
Mir falls to Earth
Nepal royal family killings
Timothy McVeigh execution
U.S. Navy submarine collides with Japanese boat
American Airlines Flight 587 crash
Senate shifts power
The murder of Robert Blake's wife
Harry Potter movie released
Milosevic is handed over to The Hague
20th anniversary of discovery of AIDS virus
Israel's prime minister election
Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Music star Aaliyah's death
George Harrison's death
Enron collapses
U.S. interest rate cut repeatedly
Verdict reached in Pan Am 103 bombing trial

You can only select one item for each rank. Leave all other stories not making your top ten on "select."

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