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Thoughts on the war on terrorism

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Rising tensions between India and Pakistan

From the message boards

"Pakistan is at its weakest... And India may not see this kind of opportunity for many years to come. But, it is the cool heads only in the Indian gov't who are prevailing and in all probability, may prevail."

-- Raj Singhi

"It is time cooler heads prevailed in Pakistan and it started cracking down on the jihadi outfits operating from Pakistan before both the countries go to war."

-- Sai Padala

"Since this is the first India/Pakistan War to be fought with both sides having nuclear weapons, I think there is a chance we may see them used again before 2002 ends"

-- Alonzo Fyfe

"Don't worry about [Pakistan's] nukes, if they are used there won't be a country called Pakistan on the face of the earth (which they also knew very well)."

-- Raj V.

"Time has come to crack down on terrorism, not to let the terrorist win what they want, that is, a war between India and Pakistan."

-- Frank

"If Pakistan is about to be overwhelmed it would take Hindustan down with itself. And that is no terrorism, it is bravery recognised in the time of war by every society."

-- Mshuaib Sheikh

"India is no United States and Pakistan no Taliban... With the nuclear bombs on both sides conventional warfare may become useless, hence I hope and pray that better sense prevails and there is no war."

-- Ajit Nagar

"This whole build-up by India is to make sure Kashmir militancy is "nipped in the bud". This is the only reason they are building a case to initiate this WAR."

-- Abrar K.

"Pakistan is behaving like a raging bull, who will die down one day with the sword of torero. International pressure has just started ratcheting up, end will be nigh."

-- Gerardo Alfonso Moreno

"Musharraf has made a Freudian slip that is quite revealing/entertaining. He said India had a "superiority complex"... Are we to understand that [Musharraf's] "inferiority" is showing through his facade?"

-- Mayavati

"This is a pretty remarkable time in history, placing intermediate range nuclear missiles on both sides of the disputed area... If you live in India and Pakistan, now may be the time to call your families and friends because you people are one step away from nuclear annihilation."

-- John Grenadier

"Pakistan should be renamed mad, mad, mad mullah stan!"

-- Tony Greig

"Ambassadors recalled, troop/weapons deployments, and already some firefights with casualties going on at the border. Between this and the terror war situation, can there be any leader in more of a bind than Musharraf?"

-- David S. Campbell

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