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[Jacqueline (Jakki) Young]
Name:Jacqueline (Jakki) Young
Residence:New York, NY, United States
Occupation: Marsh & McLennan Cos. Inc.
Location: World Trade Center
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Updated: March 10, 2002
Tributes and Information

I knew Jakki for three years. We worked together up until three months before September 11 when she took the position at Marsh and McLennan. She loved to have fun, dance, and loved Motown music (don't get her started on those Temptations, she was a rabid Temps fan). She was always borrowing my Motown CD to listen to at her desk, and I'll always remember her when I listen to it. I hope she's at peace now, and her family should know that she's missed by all who knew her.

Diane Kinstel, former coworker

I miss you Jakki. I miss your posts on the fan clubs and iMusic boards so much. I think of you constantly, of the beauty of your spirit, of the fun you brought to us with your posts and lyrics. I feel blessed for meeting you at the Temptation concerts, and I want you to know that you will always be in my heart forever.

Chanda Lyda, friend

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