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[Yvonne L. Bonomo]
Name:Yvonne L. Bonomo
Residence:New York, NY, United States
Occupation: corporate travel booker, American Express
Location: World Trade Center, Tower 1, 94th floor
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Updated: October 8, 2002
Tributes and Information

Yvonne, about a year ago to the day, we were celebrating your special 30th surprise Birthday party. My heart aches at thought that we are not going to be together for the ritual "girls' birthday" party celebration for you.Each day of my life I will remember you, tell my future children all about their Aunt Yvonne, and never forget all the amazing memories we share. I love you cuz.

Betty Cernjul, best friend(one of many)

Yvonne was the first person I met when I started taking the QM24 expresss bus from Middle Village Queens to Lower Manhattan. I didn't really know Yvonne, only to say 'Hi' on line for the bus or to talk a little on the bus. I used to hear some of her conversations and just laugh. The one thing I'll probably always remember of her was when she had her hair permed and it didn't come out right. I recently found the avacado/olive oil receipt for the frizzys she had from the perm. Whenever I wash my hair and it's frizzy I think of her and a sadness comes over me. God Bless you Yvonne and your family. Whenever I see the folks from the QM24 you are remembered.

Joyce Daino, QM24 express bus

We were 14 when we met and you were always so sweet, funny and such a beautiful person. I will never forget you. When we met at the Trade Center we both screamed, kissed and hugged. Just like we did in high school. I will truly miss you. I guess that was God's way of uniting us for the last time. I finally found my one of my best friends again and I lost you forever. I will miss you always.

osephine De Jesus, friend

I saw countless photos of people being looked for in the days following the attacks, but for some reason, the face of this beautiful, young woman was burned into my memory. I didn't know her, or any of her friends or family, but I think of her often and pray for her loved ones that they may find peace. Please know that someone in Pittsburgh prays for you and your precious guardian angel, Yvonne.

Megan Goode

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