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[Sandra Wright]
Name:Sandra Wright
Residence:Langhorne, PA, United States
Occupation: Aon Corp.
Location: World Trade Center
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Updated: March 10, 2002
Tributes and Information

You are missed by so many who love you.

Nancy D., fellow church member

Weeks after the September 11th events, I found out that I had a distant relative that perished in the W.T.C., her name is Sandra Wright. I never had the opportunity to meet Sandra and only wished that I knew that she worked in the same city that I live, work and love. After reading her obituary, I have learned that she comes from a close knit family and I sincerely hope that they are all doing as well as can be expected. I think of Sandra and her family often, especially when volunteering for the American Red Cross at the Respite Center at Ground Zero. I feel close to her, not due to the proximity, but perhaps because it may be her final resting place. I hope that she rests in peace and watches over the family that loves and misses her so dearly.

Tammy Bradish, distant relative

My thoughts and prayers are with the family. I used to work with Sandra at USA Networks.

Barbara Safer, former co-worker

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