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Name:James Cartier
Residence:Jackson Heights, NY, United States
Occupation: Local 3 electrician apprentice, P.E. Electric Stone
Location: World Trade Center, Tower 2, 105th Floor
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Legacy.com tribute
Updated: September 9, 2003
Tributes and Information

I wish you could have known James. My brother James was one of the most amazing person you would every want to meet. He took care of his parents and loved his family and friends with all his heart. All that he gave to each of us came from his heart. At James' memorial, over 1,000 people filled the church that not everyone could find a place to sit, some had to stand outside the church. It is only a reflection of what James gave to the people around him. I believe that God gave James such a wonderful life because he knew that James' time here on earth would be short. James will never die, because we each carry a part of him to make sure that his name and legacy lives. Just as the love will never end, neither will our pain and sadness that James is no longer here. He has been called home to God. We, his family who remain here now wait to go home to him. We know that James will be the face that we see when the doors of heaven have opened for us. Then and only then will the Cartier Family will be whole again.

Michele Cartier, sister

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