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[Noell Maerz]
Name:Noell Maerz
Residence:Long Beach, NY, United States
Occupation: bond trader, Euro Brokers Inc.
Location: World Trade Center, Tower 2, 84th floor
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Updated: October 8, 2002
Tributes and Information

You will be missed! God bless you and your family. I will remember all the fun we had playing football.

Jimmy Smith, friend

I see you, buddy, swimming with the Dolphins and I love surfing with you now that you can be on the west coast! We will miss you at the Annual 2001 LC Christmas Bowl but we know you'll be there to throw Strauss the waggle! Take care my brother and I'll see you out in the water. I Love you and miss you, Steel

Michael Steelman, friend

Noell, I'm glad I got to know you a lot better over the last couple years. I was honored to have shared such a small piece of your life. You are one of those people that have a knack for making friends and building those relationships into a family. I will never forget you for all the things you've done for everyone who was a member of that special family you've built in your 29 years of life. All I can say is, I will be one of those people that will never forget you for all that you've done for me and everyone else. Your kind thoughts and help. I know everyone who is a member of that family you've built will always take care of your wife Jenn and baby girl Noelle. Until we meet again. God Bless.

Larry Kramer, friend

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