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[Christopher Vialonga]
Name:Christopher Vialonga
Residence:Demerest, NJ, United States
Occupation: foreign currency trader, Carr Futures
Location: World Trade Center
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Updated: March 10, 2002
Tributes and Information

Dear V, I am still in such shock that you are no longer with us. It is truly a recurring nightmare. It is exactly 3 months today. You and I were in grammer school and grew up together in beautiful Demarest New Jersey. You always made me laugh. You had such an amazing sense of humor. I miss you Chris. I think about your family with every waking moment. I cannot imagine the pain they are feeling. I pray for them non-stop. I was at your service in St. Joe's and Mike, Matt, Rick, Eamonn and your football coach did such an amazing job talking about you. It truly was an honor and an amazing tribute. Everyone was so proud to have known you! I really really wished that I had seen you more recently. Your brother Doug got up and had us all high five you! Everyone knew that was your trademark from an early age. The entire church's eyes filled with tears and huge smiles. Demarest will never be the same with out you, nor will New York. You are a great loss to anyone whoever met you. I hope you are at peace and pray your family and those close to you will also find peace. Know in your heart Vio, that President Bush is taking care of those who did this! We miss you dearly. Love,

Ann Marie Neary, friend

V, How can words ever describe what you've meant to my life? This won't scratch the surface. I know you'll always be with me. My memory isn't the greatest, but I know there were many times that we talked on the phone until 4 in the morning; and so many topics, so many conversations. you picked me up at my parents' house to go out; so many parties, so many good times. We horsed around; practicing my self-defense, whooping you in tennis, swimming.

We went to the city; uptown, downtown, the village bars, the World Trade Center observation deck. We enjoyed many events: the U.S. Open, World Series, the Jersey shore, for your -- then a year later -- and my senior prom. Crying on each others' shoulders for our ears only. St. Joe's ski trips! Was it just a coincidence? As kids we lived down the street from one another. We both drove Ford Explorers. We had our one kiss that separated us. My fear and I'm sorry. We moved out on our own two months apart and down the street from one another. You came to visit me one month prior. The beautiful butterfly on my window the day it happened. My butterfly tattoo? I guess the point is, we grew together. We grew together and shaped one anothers' lives. You ARE and ALWAYS will be a CRUCIAL part of who I am, who I've become, how I lived my life. You'll always be with me. Friends?!?! Soul mates?!?! I'm glad we always told one another, "I love you." I love you. Don't forget me. I won't forget you. Love,

Drea J, friend

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