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[David S. Suarez]
Name:David S. Suarez
Residence:Princeton, NJ, United States
Occupation: systems consultant, Deloitte Consulting
Location: World Trade Center
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Updated: September 9, 2003
Tributes and Information

He was a great son, brother, and friend with a contagious personality that spread like wildfire to all those who knew him. He won't soon be forgotten.

Jon, friend

You were a person who illuminated the lives of everyone around you. It was a privilege to be your classmate and most of all your teammate. Wrestling showed us what we were made of, and we all saw you were made of pure guts and pure love. I miss you buddy.

Brion Regan, junior high and high school classmate and teammate

David was a wonderful person and is deeply missed. God Bless.

Stacey, friend

Why did God give us David? To be a friend, to teach us to love and care for each other, to provide hope, to give a helping hand, to be a voice of reason, to share in our tears, to make us laugh, to guide us though our fears and to help us dream. God gave us David because he understood that we would be better people for knowing him. Dave, I miss you more than words could ever tell.

Bryan Suarez, brother

My husband and I watched David grow from a boy to a young man, and all the while David had a terrific smile. His optimism and caring for others less fortunate were tributes to his parents, brother and sister. We feel lucky to have known David.

S. Borgese, neighbor and friend

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