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[Harry Ramos]
Name:Harry Ramos
Residence:Newark, NJ, United States
Occupation: head trader, May Davis Group
Location: World Trade Center
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Updated: September 9, 2003
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You meant so much to so many people. You touched so many lives by just being yourself. So many words can be used to decribe you but I simply would like to say that you were our hero but best of all you were are hero before Sept. 11th. And that, my friend, is a great feeling and makes my pain more bareable.

Millie Cruz, sister-in-law

You will be dearly missed by very many people. Your friendship will be cherished forever.

Christina Mandes and family

Stay strong brother! God bless you!

Jason P., friend

Harry, my amigo, mi querido amigo. We met through Latinos on Wall Street, and I remember each day I saw you and all the times we spoke, and you never had anything negative, bad or evil to say about anyone. I laughed a lot when I was around you. My heart goes out to you and will miss your character but I will have your jokes in my mind forever. My girl became pregnant the day I found out you went to heaven, and I had a dream about you and all the guys, which makes it more interesting. I will not forget you my pal. T

Eddie Antonio Rodriguez, friend

I read an article in the L.A. Times regarding the heroic actions taken by Harry Ramos. He and a co-worker met a man they did not know in the stairwell as they were attempting to escape. They assisted the man down numerous flights of stairs until the stranger could go no further. Mr. Ramos elected to stay with this stranger to comfort him rather than desert him. They both died together. This selfless, heroic action speaks volumes of the man he must have been. I hope his widow can draw comfort knowing her husband's courage will not be forgotten by so many who heard or read about him.

Katherine Harper

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