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[William J. Erwin]
Name:William J. Erwin
Residence:Verona, NJ, United States
Occupation: broker, Cantor Fitzgerald
Location: World Trade Center, Tower 1
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Updated: June 19, 2002
Tributes and Information

2001 was a horrible year. Like you, it will be gone, but never forgotten. We all miss you.

Chris Russo, friend

Bill was a good friend of mine in college. We lost touch over the years, but I am very saddened by this tradgedy. My condolences and prayers go out to his family.

Pam Hoyle, friend

To my best friend in the entire world, you are in my thoughts everyday and will be forever. No one ever made me laugh and shake my head in amazement more than you. You truly are a permanent fixture in my life even though I will never see you again. You had such an impact in all of our lives and still do to this day. God Speed, Big E.

Mike McCandless, childhood friend

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