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[Brian Cannizzaro]
Name:Brian Cannizzaro
Residence:New York, NY, United States
Occupation: Firefighter, New York Fire Department
Location: World Trade Center
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Updated: September 9, 2003
Tributes and Information

I said a prayer for you today and prayed that God will hear. I felt the answer in my heart although he spoke no word. I didn't ask for wealth or fame, i asked for treasures of a far more lasting kind - i asked for peace for Jackie and protection always for Christopher. I asked for him to hold them both in his hands. I asked for blessings for both in all things great and small, but it was his loving care for them I prayed for most of all.

We will always love you, Brian. You will always be our hero.

Helen Lombardi, aunt

You are a good friend. Growing up we shared some good times. From little boys playing basketball and causing havoc in the neighborhood to fraternity brothers, the laughs were always there thanks to you. You will always be remembered as a hero and never forgotten. I will miss you.

Dan Auciello, friend

I met Brian 10 years ago while he was a junior at St. John's. I have a son, Robert, who is 25 and mentally retarded. He attended the Seton Foundation for Learning. As an alumnus of St. John's and a fellow brother in Sigma Chi, I wrote and asked for their assistance at an upcoming 24-hour Super Dance benefiting this great and worthy cause. Brian called me and told me that we could count on him. Within minutes of arriving, the entire gang befriended Robert, had him dancing, laughing and having an all around good time. This was very unique because Robert is introverted and really does not communicate that well. It was really touching for my wife and me.

A few hours later while chatting with others, I noticed Robert sitting in the bleachers, surrounded by girls, and Brian not far away. But something was different. Robert was now wearing a black, No. 24 football jersey that he had not come with. Brian was now wearing a white T-shirt. For that short time, Brian gave my son the chance to be the college student he could never be. Robert wore that shirt every night for the next eight years until it was frayed and worn beyond repair. A plaque Brian had made the following morning hangs by Robert's beloved TV. Brian was Robert's hero.

William (Billy) McDermott, friend and fraternity brother

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