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[Michael E. Tinley]
Name:Michael E. Tinley
Residence:Dallas, TX, United States
Occupation: Vice President, Marsh Inc.
Location: World Trade Center
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Updated: September 9, 2002
Tributes and Information

Michael was a true friend. He would always find the time to chat with you, or just listen if you just needed an ear. He gave encouragement and support to those he loved and even some he did not even know. Michael was a brilliant light in this world, brightening our lives by his very presence. He will be remembered for his rare and unwavering light and for his open and sincere heart. We are all blessed who got to know him and share our lives with him.

Amy and Jim Hallowes, friends

God rest your soul, Mike.

Nan O'Brien, cousin

I met Michael a few years ago, when we were both in a friend's wedding in Los Angeles. The bride owned a large apartment, where Michael would stay sometimes when in the area and others would rent. My teen-age daughter stayed there for part of a summer.

Michael, who really didn't know her at all and probably hardly remembered me, took it upon himself to be a sort of guardian to her.

Thank you, Michael, for selflessly protecting my daughter. I pray God will protect you now.

Gary Smith, friend

Thanks for the great memories and friendships. I still remember playing football at recess. Emmett won all the time. You were a good friend.

Dennis Majeski, elementary school classmate

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