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Name:Hagay Shefi
Residence:Tenafly, NJ, United States
Occupation: founder, GoldTier Technologies
Location: World Trade Center
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Legacy.com tribute
Updated: September 9, 2003
Tributes and Information

Our beloved son Hagay! We cannot believe that you will not be with us physically. However, your memory will be preserved by every one of our family. You have been a most loyal son, husband to Sigal and father to Roy, 5, and Naomi, 3. You were loved and appreciated by your brother Yishai and your sister Pazit and their families. All of the greater Shefi family admired you for your distinguished achievments: An excellent soccer player as a boy, a businessman from the age of 5, (yes 5) a distinguished officer of the I.D.F., a distinguished student who completed Bar-Ilan University with an MBA (magna cum laude). Shortly after your arrival to the U.S.A. with your wife Sigal you were appointed as president and C.E.O. of a company at the age of 29. The president of the mother company -- Chris C.-- most appreciated you and used to call you "Hagay what a guy." And all your friends in the U.S. and in Israel are missing your loyal friendship and your sense of humor. Your old friend and co-founder of the last company which you were also a co-founder and C.E.O., GoldTier Technologies said that you were the heart and the dynamo-buster-turbo of the new company. All of us in the family will remember you forever and you will continue to be in our hearts and our source of pride. We shall provide Sigal and your kids -- our beloved grandchildren -- the best of our love and care. Rest in peace.

Esther and Brig. Gen. (Ret.) Dov Shefi, IDF, mother and father

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