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[David W. Laychak]
Name:David W. Laychak
Residence:Manassas, VA, United States
Occupation: Civilian Budget Analyst, U.S. Army
Location: Pentagon
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Updated: September 9, 2003
Tributes and Information

Dave was truly the best person I have ever known. The picture on the CNN site has me standing right beside him. It was taken on September 1, my wedding day. Dave was one of my groomsmen. That night as we were parting company he gave me a big hug (first time in the 15 years of knowing him he has ever hugged me). He was beaming from ear to ear because he said he was so happy for me. And that was quintessential Dave. He was happiest when others were happy, the very definition of selfless. I would never see Dave again, as I learned of the tragedy while on my honeymoon. I will always cherish that hug, as I will always cherish the memories of the man.

Roland Clavien, best friend

David was a wonderful friend, husband and father. He lived his life the way we all should. He was kind to everyone, he was devoted to his family and church and approached life with a humorous curiosity. September 11 caused many of us to evaluate what is really important in our lives. We became closer to our families, closer to God and closer as a nation. So if this tragedy did that, my friend did not die in vain and he is smiling on all of us today.

Beth Lippard Croushorn, friend

Dave, in light of your tragic circumstance, so many people, family and friends are reflecting on what a great person you were. In hearing your tributes, I regret not having gotten to know my neighbor better than I did. God's blessing to you and to your family.

Vinnie DeVito, neighbor

From your Delta Tau fraternity brothers at Brown University -- Even though we didnt know you, we will remember you. Our hearts go out to your family and friends.

Ryan Gill, fraternity brother

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