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[Lt. Col. Karen Wagner]
Name:Lt. Col. Karen Wagner
Residence:Houston, TX, United States
Occupation: U.S. Army
Location: Pentagon
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Updated: June 19, 2002
Tributes and Information

I am a Marine from Texas. I looked through the names and saw that another service member had been struck down -- one from my home state -- and I wanted to offer my condolences to the family. Semper fidelis.

Robert Irvin

At the end of this work day, I saw this site on my screen. It was Lt. Col. Wagner's face which caught my attention. To her family, I want to express my sorrow. She seems to have been a formidable, courageous person. My father was a military man, so I grew up seeing those faces which reflect strength and character traits so necessary to survive in the armed forces. My prayers are with her and her family for her eternal rest.

Aida Ruiz

It was a honor knowing you and playing bball with you. Your name will not be forgotten.

Marian (Rudis) Gustafson, former classmate

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