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[James M. Roux]
Name:James M. Roux
Residence:Portland, Maine, United States
Occupation: lawyer, Roux & Ghimire
Location: UA Flight 175
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Updated: September 9, 2003
Tributes and Information

Dear Jim, We loved the way that you brightened our day with your calm presence and the patience of a buddah. We miss parking next to you and listening to you blasting Jimi Hendrix from any stereo or amp that you could find. You left a lot friends and family behind, but your boys will always know that you are a hero. I love and miss you.

A.J. Riseman, friend

If there was ever a champion of the underdog, it was Jim Roux. He was my friend, neighbor, confidant and attorney. In Portland, Maine, Jim would take cases pro bono so that justice could be served. He was leaving for the West Coast that fateful day so that he could start a job that paid better, as his personal funds were running low due to philanthropy. He would champion the cause of kids with Lead Paint Poisoning, would jump on the stage of the local alehouse and jam, or set off bottle rockets or drop plastic paratroopers from the roof of his apartment building with his sons. He cared. Jimmy, we miss you and we love you.

Russ Riseman, friend

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