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[Zoe Falkenberg]
Name:Zoe Falkenberg
Residence:University Park, MD, United States
Location: AA Flight 77

Daughter of Charles Falkenberg and Leslie Whittington
Sister of Dana Falkenberg

Legacy.com tribute
Updated: September 4, 2003
Tributes and Information

Zoe was a delightful, vivacious and bright little girl who loved music. As her music teacher, I was so impressed with her and her family. When she was in first grade, she was quite intrigued with figuring out the "Mystery Composer" each month -- normally an activity done by older students. Zoe would bring her mom or dad into my room if she couldn't remember enough of the clues herself. She got a real thrill out of discovering the answer. The loss of Zoe and her family has left a gaping hole in our community.

Betty Scott, music teacher

Hug your little sister tight every night. Send kisses to mom, and tell your daddy how brave he was.

Marisa Kinard

Goodbye little Zoe. Go forward into the hands of God. You will be missed.

Patrick Mulligan

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