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Name:Hilda E. Taylor
Residence:Forestville, MD, United States
Occupation: sixth-grade teacher, Leckie Elementary School (Washington)
Location: AA Flight 77
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Updated: September 4, 2003
Tributes and Information

I am moved to tears by seeing your beautiful face on my computer screen. You are a wonderful human being and a teacher, extraordinaire. I say "are" because your grace is still with us. Shine on in the heavens through the stars. We will see you each night as we gaze upon the vast heavens and think of your silent presence each day.

Dr. Cynthia J. Carter, former colleague

To the memory of Hilda Taylor, a person who lived her life teaching. There cannot be a gift more fitting than the gift of knowledge. Hilda passed her gift on to the children who are our future. Thank you, Hilda. That gift will make a world in so much turmoil today a much better place tomorrow. My prayers are with you, your family and friends.

Bernadette McClinton

I want to thank Ms. Taylor for being a teacher to the young children of Washington D.C., where I attended public schools in the l960s and 1970s. I know that she must have been a wonderful, inspirational educator because she was still teaching right to the end. My family and I extend our sympathy and blessings to her and her family, friends, and students.

J. Young

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