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[George W. Simmons]
Name:George W. Simmons
Residence:Great Falls, VA, United States
Occupation: retired manager of sales training, Xerox
Location: AA Flight 77
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Updated: September 9, 2003
Tributes and Information

Around May of 1993, I brought a used car from George. I still have it. I have bought many cars in my life but this I always remembered this one. I had never met a more cheerful ,positive and engaging person. He was friendly and helpful. He gave me a good price for the car and spoke of his plans for retirement. He and his wife were going to travel the country and enjoy themselves. He even called me a month later and offered his beautiful Ford Mustang for a rock-bottom price because the dealer was jerking him around. Sadly, I said no thanks and wished him a wonderful retirement. It was few days after September 11 that Xerox announced George was on one of the planes from Boston. Now every time I go into my garage, I see that used car. Just think about it , how briefly I knew him and the impact he had on me. This man was no phony, He was someone you just had to like. I will always treasure the fact that I met this man. God watch over his soul for he was one of the good ones.

Larry Sheffield, friend

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