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[Dana Falkenberg]
Name:Dana Falkenberg
Residence:University Park, MD, United States
Location: AA Flight 77

Daughter of Charles Falkenberg and Leslie Whittington
Sister of Zoe Falkenberg
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Updated: September 4, 2003
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My heart can barely stand the thought of your precious little lives being so viciously taken. I know your daddy held you and loved you in your last moments, and I know your remaining family grieves for you every day. In my heart, I also know you are their guardian angels, gently hugging them and helping them get stronger, just a little every day. Dear children, I'm so sorry this world has been brought to this, and I pray that no more innocent babies of any nationality will have to die anymore. May your lives and deaths not have been in vain.

Jennifer Ryals-Scott

Sleep in peace little angel. Take care of your big sister and daddy. Send kisses to mommy every day!


You are now in God's loving hands forever. You will fly always with his angels and never know sorrow or pain again.


Little One, may God Bless You and love you. May your little soul rest in peace, you are safe now.

Angela White

How brief your life was. How beautiful I hope it was. I hope you live forever, in a better place, with love and peace always.

Sydney P.

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