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A quiet retirement seems unlikely for the restless, savvy and still-young former president
How the Clinton presidency performed in the global arena
Compare key world events with important moments during the Clinton administration
Americans from all walks of life comment on how they fared during the Clinton years

January 7
The impeachment trial of Clinton begins as Senate President Pro Tem Strom Thurmond swears in Chief Justice of the United States William Rehnquist as presiding officer.

January 19
Clinton delivers his State of the Union address as his Senate impeachment trial proceeds.

February 12
The Senate acquits Clinton of impeachment charges.

March 24
As Serbians protest in Belgrade, NATO begins a campaign of airstrikes against Yugoslavia after Serbian leaders refuse to end their fight against ethnic Albanians in Kosovo province. The airstrikes end in June after Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic agrees to withdraw Serbian forces from Kosovo and establish an international peacekeeping force there.

April 12
A federal judge holds Clinton in contempt for false testimony in the Paula Jones sexual harassment case about his relationship with Lewinsky. In July the judge orders Clinton to pay $89,000 in legal fees.

June 4
Hillary Clinton says she will consider running for the U.S. Senate from New York.

June 16
Vice President Al Gore launches his campaign for the presidency.

October 13
The Senate rejects the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty.

October 13
Clinton visits Kosovo.

Jordan's King Hussein dies on February 7 after long battle with cancer. U.S. Senate on February 12 acquits Clinton of impeachment charges.

NATO launches air campaign on March 24 against Yugoslav government of President Slobodan Milosevic, following escalation in violence against ethnic Albanian majority in Kosovo province. The bombing ends on June 10.

Two armed students go on a shooting spree April 20 at Columbine High School in suburban Denver, Colorado, killing 13 people and wounding dozens more before committing suicide.

Military hero Ehud Barak elected prime minister of Israel on May 17.

John F. Kennedy Jr., his wife and her sister die July 16 in a crash of the private plane Kennedy is flying off the coast of Massachusetts.

Voters in East Timor overwhelmingly choose independence from Indonesia during a U.N.-sponsored referendum on August 30. Violence erupts soon after as pro-Indonesia soldiers go on a rampage. Massive earthquake in eastern Turkey on August 17 kills more than 450 people.

Earthquake in Athens, Greece, on September 7 kills at least 122 people.

Earthquake in Taiwan on September 21 kills more than 2,300.

Russia launches a major offensive against separatists in Chechnya.

U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson rules that Microsoft is a monopoly on November 5.

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