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A quiet retirement seems unlikely for the restless, savvy and still-young former president
How the Clinton presidency performed in the global arena
Compare key world events with important moments during the Clinton administration
Americans from all walks of life comment on how they fared during the Clinton years

January 6
Government shutdown ends when both sides agree to a budget deal.

January 23
In his State of the Union address, Clinton declares the "era of big government is over."

February 26
Clinton announces new sanctions against Havana after Cuban fighter jets shoot down two civilian aircraft flown by the Cuban exile group Brothers to the Rescue.

January 26
Hillary Clinton testifies before a federal grand jury about Whitewater.

April 3
Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown is killed in a plane crash in Croatia.

April 10
Clinton vetoes a bill banning so-called late-term abortions.

April 28
Clinton testifies on videotape in the fraud and conspiracy trial of Arkansas Gov. Jim Guy Tucker and Clinton's former Whitewater partners, James and Susan McDougal. A federal jury convicts Tucker and the McDougals one month later.

July 17
Joe Klein is revealed as the author of "Primary Colors," a fictionalized account of Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign.

July 31
Clinton announces he will sign a bill that will radically reform the welfare system.

August 18
Clinton celebrates 50th birthday with $10 million fund-raiser in New York.

August 29
Clinton and Vice President Al Gore are re-nominated at the Democratic National Convention; Clinton adviser Dick Morris resigns the same day over revelations of an affair with a prostitute.

September 3
Clinton orders missile strike on Baghdad after Saddam Hussein's forces attack the Kurdish-controlled city of Irbil.

November 5
Clinton wins a second term in office against Republican rival Robert Dole with 49 percent of the popular vote.

December 5
Clinton nominates Madeleine Albright as secretary of state. The Senate confirms Albright one month later.

A gunman enters a kindergarten in Dunblane, Scotland, on March 13, killing 16 children and their teacher, then himself.

Federal agents arrest Unabomber suspect Theodore Kaczynski on April 3.

Israeli voters on May 29 choose right-winger Benjamin Netanyahu for prime minister over incumbent and Labor Party candidate Shimon Peres.

A truck bomb explodes on June 25 at Khobar Towers, a complex for U.S. military personnel in Saudi Arabia, killing 19 U.S. Air Force personnel and wounding several hundred.

TWA Flight 800, en route to Paris from New York, crashes into the Atlantic Ocean on July 17 shortly after takeoff, killing all 230 on board.

A homemade bomb explodes July 27 at Centennial Olympic Park in Atlanta, killing one person and injuring 111 others.

Voters in Bosnia-Herzegovina cast ballots September 14 in the first nationwide election since the end of its four-year civil war in 1995.

Forces of the Taliban, a militant Islamic group, take control of Kabul, Afghanistan's capital, on September 27, hanging the former president and his brother.

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