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A quiet retirement seems unlikely for the restless, savvy and still-young former president
How the Clinton presidency performed in the global arena
Compare key world events with important moments during the Clinton administration
Americans from all walks of life comment on how they fared during the Clinton years

February 2
Clinton nominates Dr. Henry Foster as surgeon general, but a political battle over abortion rights and Foster's medical ethics develops and in June the Senate blocks his nomination.

April 7
Clinton threatens to veto parts of the Republicans' "Contract with America."

April 19
A bomb destroys a federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, killing 168 people; Clinton visits the scene a few days later.

April 30
Clinton widens trade embargo against Iran.

May 10
Clinton meets Russian President Boris Yeltsin in Moscow.

May 20
For security reasons in the wake of the Oklahoma City bombing, Clinton closes the section of Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House.

May 23
An armed intruder is shot on the south lawn of the White House.

June 7
Clinton casts his first veto, setting up battle over the budget that later leads to shutdown of government.

June 11
Clinton and House Speaker Newt Gingrich hold "summit," concluding with a well-publicized handshake.

July 11
Clinton normalizes relations with Vietnam.

July 18
A Senate committee begins hearings into the Whitewater affair; they conclude 13 months later with Republicans claiming the Clinton administration abused its power and obstructed justice, and Democrats saying no evidence of wrongdoing by the Clintons or White House officials was found.

October 24
Clinton meets Chinese President Jiang Zemin in New York.

November 6
Clinton attends the funeral of assassinated Israeli Prime Minster Yitzhak Rabin in Jerusalem.

November 15
According to the Starr Report, issued nearly three years later, Clinton has his first sexual encounter with Monica Lewinsky, then a White House intern.

November 21
The presidents of Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina sign a peace pact at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton, Ohio. The so-called Dayton Accords bring an end to nearly four years of brutal civil war among Muslims, Croats and Serbs in Bosnia.

December 25
The partial shutdown of the government, triggered by a confrontation between the White House and the Republican leadership over the budget, enters its ninth day -- a record.

Massive earthquake on Japan's Honshu island on January 17 kills more than 5,000 people. Many of the victims lived in the port city of Kobe.

A nerve gas attack on Tokyo subway kills 12 and injures hundreds on March 20. A Japanese doomsday cult is blamed.

Bombing of federal building in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, on April 19 kills 168 people.

Dr. Jonas Salk, who developed the first successful vaccine against polio, dies at 80 on June 23.

Susan Smith is sentenced on July 3 to life in prison for drowning her two young sons in South Carolina in 1994.

A Los Angeles court on October 3 acquits O.J. Simpson of murder in deaths of his ex-wife and her acquaintance.

A Jewish extremist assassinates Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin on November 4.

Nigeria executes Nobel Peace Prize nominee Ken Saro-Wiwa and eight other anti-government activists on November 10, ignoring international pleas for clemency.

International protests continue after France on December 27 detonates its fifth underground nuclear test in the South Pacific since September.

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