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The Internet stimulates a new kind of reporting

Allison Tom reports in October 1999 on an elementary school geography project that had students corresponding via e-mail with people from all over the world  

(CNN) -- I started working at CNN in 1999. I report on technology and the Internet from an international perspective. I have covered stories such as the AOL-Time Warner merger, Internet security and the Turkish earthquake -- during which one man in the United States used the Internet as the only way to contact his friends and family in Turkey.

Together with CNN Interactive and CNN International, we are creating a unique style of reporting, 24 hours a day, in which we maximize and share the resources both media have to offer.

On television we report news stories about how people around the world are using technology and the Internet. On the Web we interact with our online community through chats and emails.

Each week we produce a segment for television called "AsiaNow" in which we report on some of the top stories that appear on our Web site at After the segment airs on CNN International, we then provide a streaming audio and video clip of the television segment on the Web.

Technology integration

Integration is key. It is a unique opportunity to combine television, radio, print and the Web. Many of our television programs have companion Web sites to which people can go for more information and customize news according to their interests.

As technology improves and advances it will further enhance the way we tell stories. It will also give viewers and readers a broader range of resources to tap for news and information when they need it.

Down the road

The Internet as a global medium is revolutionizing society.

Localized content will focus on specific issues and information for people in regions worldwide. The Internet serves as a unique communication tool for individuals to express their thoughts, opinions and cultures.

Technologies such as streaming audio and video will continue to deliver breaking news stories to your desktop.

Broadband will allow us to move large amounts of information and data much faster. It will create a unique experience for individuals in which television and personal computers will be more closely linked.

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