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June 5 -- CNN Chief International Correspondent Christiane Amanpour

May 8 -- Charles Bierbauer, Senior Washington Correspondent

May 9 -- Charles Hoff, director of coverage for CNN/U.S.

May 11 -- Flip Spiceland, CNN weather anchor

May 12 -- John Zarella, CNN's Miami bureau chiefCorrespondent

May 16 -- CNN correspondent Richard Roth

May 17 -- Chuck Roberts, CNN Headline News anchor

May 18 -- Mike Boettcher, CNN national correspondent

May 17 -- Greg Lefevre, San Francisco bureau chief

May 19 -- Bill Tush and Scott Leon of CNN’s ‘Showbiz’

May 19 -- Ed Garsten, CNN's Detroit bureau chief

May 25 -- CNNfn anchor and financial editor Myron Kandel

May 30 -- CNN anchor Bernard Shaw

May 31 -- Lou Waters, "CNN Today" co-anchor

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